Annihilate this Boulder

Every three months or so

I come upon a boulder

As I walk through the stream

Up to my hips

There it is in front of me

SO this means

I have to look at it

But I hate it

I yell at it

I have expectations from it

It is unavoidable

It manipulates

It is predictable

Acts like a Saint but false in it’s assumptions

of salvation for good deeds done

An asshole is its focus, time to gather around the asshole.

I can be a Samurai

Taking the path of least resistance

Like the cool clean water

Move around it

And continue on.

I can scream at it

I can say look at me boulder

Make time for me

Care about me

But silly me, it is only a boulder

And I cannot change a boulder

I cannot make caring happen

If it is not there in the first place

Selfish fucking asshole boulder

Always has an agenda

I am always the last one on the totem pole

I am a thing

When convenient.

There is always the option of

Dynamite, bombs, or nuclear explosions

Ask NOARD to send a kamikaze drone

Target practice focuses and annihilates this Boulder.


I see something,

Way way up high

Way up so very very high

I see Praying Mantis looking down at me.

Saying to me,

“Rise above ya just got to rise above!!”

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