My Favorite Crone

They take place at the same time with neither one having an effect on the other, and yet they are related to one another in a meaningful way.

~Jung, Synchronicity And Human Destiny , By IRA Progoff

Late last night I could not fall asleep. So I turned on the TV to watch Turner Classic Movies  to see if there was a good film on. I found a screwball comedy that I never viewed before entitled Come Live With Me with James Steward and Hedy Lamarr. It was offbeat, funny and a very sweet film. I think Hedy Lamarr is one of the most beautiful starlets to hit the big screen. As the film progressed I was introduced also for the first time to the character Grandma, played by actress Adeline De Walt Reynolds.

Grandma is a crone. She is a woman in her eighties. She is wise, honest and says what is on her mind. The main characters Bill Smith and Johnny Jones are in love. They will not admit it to each other, but Grandma already knows this. She is a bit of a jester too!

Grandma hand embroiders quotes and frames them and hangs them throughout the farmhouse.  She is first introduced to us in the film while she is focused embroidering.  She holds what she is working on up to show the couple what she is embroidering and says this quote freely, “What fools Mortals be.”  She continues to talk directly and sweetly to the couple. She brings them closer together by cooking them a dinner and then sitting out on the porch where they talk.

In a endearing scene Johnny looks around the farm telling Grandma how beautiful the farm is and says,

“I bet you never had a hard time in your life”

Grandma tells her this is not the case because she lost her husband, and has been through floods, and one year there was no food to eat because the farm land did not produce a crop. She told Johnny that in times like these you just got to rise above, rise above the hard times.

This film is important because it held personal synchronicities for me. This is the type of Crone I want to be as I grow older. What a delightful woman.

Oracles can be found anywhere for the process of synchronicity to happen. I found my moments held within this film when I met the character Grandma. She spoke to my heart as though she knew me.

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