Is it that time of year again? For the Stu-Coachella??

stupidoBy Hudley Flipside

I was talking with an owner of a bar who also bar-tends and he is in the music industry. We talked about the bands getting offered  millions of dollars to play this event. He asked if I would take that kind of money if I was in a band. All hypothetical of course. ( I believe about 2 % of what comes out of his month anyway lol) I said no. He said he would because the other members in his band were starving and that their families could use the money. I said it was a matter of integrity not to play because these types of events I do not like nor do I support them. At least when the hippies did these big events it stood for something… anyway I agreed to giving my band a democratic vote. There are three things I think smell fishy right hang-over, my hang-over and Coachella… and that is the truth pttttt.

you tell them baby

ha ha!

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