aspirations of youthful dreams..

God is every man
Mr. Fuck, Flopside Comics by Hudley. Image inspired by Steve Human from a remark he made about The Goddess is every woman…

A Yell in the winderness…to Flag and Black Flag…and Mr. Garfield!! by Mr. Fuck

In the scheme of things I am a nobody, only a fan for over thirty years. I would be willing to offer you guys a place to come together to work it out, if possible. A home, a pool and a BBQ. If there is any way for your guys to work it out I hold up the aspirations of youthful dreams. Think with your hearts and realize many old as well as youthful eyes are watching everything you guys do. So be It.


HF/ HDC  humorist and mediator.

If we can not make funnies of things that overwhelm us we might as well stop pissing on the floor. ~Mr.Shit  (Mr. Shit has dementia so we all know what he means…pissing in the sink.)

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