Never ever, no way, give up again!

Last week a white albino dove visited me. Coming so close to me. At this time in my life, it was meaningful, and I reflect on this post from years ago. At this time of coyote, I now have a Coyote Kachina on my hearth for this season of summer.

Coyote has taught me so many lessons. Now the bright bird has really come to visit me in peace and as a friend. Now past my days of harsh survival, raising my kids and finding myself creative again…. It is a good time at 65… quite extraordinary in fact.

It is not a perfect world, there are things in life that I hold in a contrary way. Yet my freedom to be creative is finally to that place again which I left many many years ago.

Original post.


When I think of the time years ago when I walked away from the freedom to create by the means of so many different mediums, I cry. For this was a constant flux of luxury and I was abandoned from it. I became the coyote on the street of survival where anything that might ascend to a crescendo of creative luxury was sacrificed to those things needed as food, water, and a place to live.

I asked Coyote, “What joy, inspiration and spirituality…shall I ascend with the bird?”

This is when I saw Coyote jump up and kill the bright bird. She dragged it back to her home in the tree. A large sideways hollow tree trunk where her babes awaited their food.

“Oh, I see you are a mother and in need of food.”

“Yes, I am sorry to shock you but sometimes the luxury of our inspirations must be sacrificed for those we love or care for. We must balance sacredness with irrelevance. “

At times like these there is no time for the luxury of an extra piece of cake or the luxury of self-pity because we simply blend into the fabric of life as responsibility. This is doing what we must to survive.

After years of creative abandonment, a bright bird has come back to sit on my shoulder To stay and live with me! This luxury or creativity is abundantly ascending. I move with the crescendo and I eat my cake and cry my tears of self-pity.

Bear tells me to never give up!


“Sit with us around the fire tonight dear sister. Let us throw our worries and fears into the flame and watch them burn.”

“Bear, I always look forward to your inward pull and the call of your cold nights.”

Bear replied,

“Autumn’s creativity is a luxury but we must earn it, and fight for it, and when we least expect it… it is freely given.”

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