A dialogue with my shadow and the moist earth.

Egg sandwich with burnt bacon… !!

“I have come to learn how to use power in the right way,” I asked him?

He replied, “Use it only with great responsibility and compassion,” and he held out his hand to me and smiled. ~ Pg. 5, Joy Michand The Saturn Pluto Phenomenon.

Shadow is pulling while the moist earth is whispering, there is a polarity for my attention today.

“Refrain from giving too much,” said the cool breeze!

As women who no longer bleed…I think we tend to write, heal and serve too much!

Shadow with head held high and wearing a sly grin said this to me,

“We must attend to the ways of the world girly girl! Defend yourself, draw your lines and fly the finger when someone cuts you off on the road while driving….”

“Oh yes shadow I remember doing that. We thought about tattooing my finger with a big praying mantis with a crown on her head. Look at the queen mantis you….”

“Then the moist breeze embraced me saying, “Take time, slow down and turn your back to the ways of the world. Feel the rain on your tongue!!”

“Whispering moist earth, I hear your love that heals me. I will not give so much time to my blog writing. I will attend to writing alone and will not share as much…!!”

“No not at all and for a while, until you complete what you have to do at home now!!”


Happy Birthday John Lennon …and to the Ford Falcon where I learned this song…8 track-tape.

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