After 50 I feel you spend the rest of your life grieving! All those you’ve lost, betrayal and fuck-ups? Ya better know how to ride the wave ’cause it’s not going to go away if ya ignore it!!

ting were prehistoric and ancient chinese cauldrons standing upon legs. tripod

The key I wish for is for the door that awaits me…what awaits me is my own art loft. In it is a remarkable place of supplies. Tables of wood and windows that slant where the sun comes in just right. Or the moon at night as I listen on the stereo with giant speakers. Paper, pencils and stencil paper. Small printing press and paper-cutter. Clamps, needles and string. Water colors galore. Dark room and computers. All near the sound of a stream and the brush of a small town. Everything in order even if this means disorder….where everything can stay untouched…… my hands, my key…..!!!

Muses are you listening ?