tattoo therapy


While at Sam Ash music store, to pick up some sheet music with youngest Son, a worker there said something to me,

“Does that hurt?’

I looked down at my arm and held it as if to see if it did. I then remembered the tattoos there.


“When you got them didn’t they hurt you. On the bone I mean?”

I said no again…”The first two needles felt like a halo came over me. It got hot. I felt anxiety for a few seconds. It did not hurt me.”

Then a weird look came over his face. He was about my age. A thin musician type.

“They say that tattoos are addicting. That the more you get the more you want to get them?”

I am not the addictive type. (only with the band the Saints. Oh know, I typed their name. Now it  looks like I will end this post with another Saint’s song.)

Then he asked me, “You got more?”

“Yes a few here and there!”

“Ya see when my Mom and Dad died it helped me kill the emotional pain. It was a religious experience for me…it was therapy.”

“OK.. nice talking with ya.”

The Sam Ash worker walked away. I proceeded to the sheet music section of the store.


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