open to mama’s influence…

Esoteric knowledge is affecting a vast part of our modern culture. Having known this through foresight for years I realize that within our unconsciousness is magic, brightness and truth, directly opposed to a contrary reality, part of our often diabolically troubled world.

Synchronicity, the doppelganger, mystical numbers, and foresight are things I have talked about with my sons as they grew up. Reading Grimm’s fairy tales, watching scary films, other dimensions, and hope, are qualities I have magically graced upon them. They both are scientists and know their math and computers… yet they are still open to mama’s influence.

Recently my son had his best friend over to watch a film. Oldest son is converting his old room into an office for game streaming and my publishing company. Two sons and Sebastian watched Jordan Peele’s film US. (2019 film).

My son told me it was like having “my mama standing right next to me” talking about all the things you always talk about. I have not viewed the film, but I am intrigued because I recently released an image to Jordan’s new horror film coming out next year. Now that is a small, interesting synchronicity.

Oldest Son and Sara Taft California

Also, son told me that the town of Santa Cruz CA is in the film US. He was born in Santa Cruz Ca in 1992.

I think he is part of my often-misunderstood delusional world of foresight. Where art imitates life or life imitates art. This is less about me and more about my son. I don’t really want to see a film that entertains what I experience in real life. Yet I feel bitchin’ that my son and Jordan Peele get it!

tattoo therapy


While at Sam Ash music store, to pick up some sheet music with youngest Son, a worker there said something to me,

“Does that hurt?’

I looked down at my arm and held it as if to see if it did. I then remembered the tattoos there.


“When you got them didn’t they hurt you. On the bone I mean?”

I said no again…”The first two needles felt like a halo came over me. It got hot. I felt anxiety for a few seconds. It did not hurt me.”

Then a weird look came over his face. He was about my age. A thin musician type.

“They say that tattoos are addicting. That the more you get the more you want to get them?”

I am not the addictive type. (only with the band the Saints. Oh know, I typed their name. Now it  looks like I will end this post with another Saint’s song.)

Then he asked me, “You got more?”

“Yes a few here and there!”

“Ya see when my Mom and Dad died it helped me kill the emotional pain. It was a religious experience for me…it was therapy.”

“OK.. nice talking with ya.”

The Sam Ash worker walked away. I proceeded to the sheet music section of the store.


All about a Song II: We are the champions by Queen!

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

Sue and Holly June 1976 Graduates

Putting this up because it fits with the theme of “All About A Song.”

They played this song at a punk rock night at the local pub! The bartender was a thorn in my side with his mockery! I was sporting my Target video shirt!

(Target Video (aka TargetVideo77) is a San Francisco-based studio, founded by artist Joe Rees, who collaborating with Jackie Sharp, Jill Hoffman, Sam Edwards and others, archived early art performance, punk and hardcore bands on video and film.)

I tend to be paranoid…I heard the talk in the dark corner above the turn tables! I am a wise gal! I have been around the block and letting guys think they are fooling me amuses me!

Happy that they even took the time ain’t bad news!!

When they were still in diapers…

Sue and I saw Queen live in 1977 at the Long Beach Arena! This song was our theme song! The song was fresh, ours and live!!

Sue and I …will keep on fighting tell the end…best friends!!

Sue and I were graduates of high school and known serial killer survivors!!


Sue had a job, a new brown Pinto automobile and money to spend! I was not as fortunate! She got me a black & white silky jersey jacket for the Queen show! She was sporting her 5-inch platform tennis shoes at the time! Her shoes were nothing compared to the glitter scene giants that we had to tunnel through at this event! What a massive horror show! The last and only horrendous giant rock show I ever went to besides those at the Olympic Auditorium Golden Voice punk shows of the 1980s!

1977 album News of the World