SOYAL and Just Take Five….

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Atheists, Winter Solstice celebrations, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, Nova Romans, Wiccans, Neopagans, Zoroastrians…

As a religious studies major the more I study religions and their particular cultures the more I realize, that the further back one goes in time to study these religions, it all comes down to an image of a circle and a cross. It is the path of the sun. Individual visions, stories around the camp fire, musical bards, fairly tales and dogma all bring forth races and cultures around a rather simple image of the sun rising and falling at certain times of the year.

I wonder if Joshua Feuerstein realizes how much of jerk he is. I was watching the original Rain Maker last night a film with the mighty Burt Lancaster. He plays the dreamer know as Bill Starbuck. A name he created as a traveling rainmaker. It really caught my attention because of the controversy about some red cups not having a certain holiday greeting. With all the media play-up I feel we are all being razzle dazzled by social media, Starbuck’s mermaid image / logo  has her legs (fins) spread. An ancient image of Goddess / Baubo.

San Pedro de Galligans, Gerona, Spain. twelfth century CE. (Duty, 1981, fig 7.)

Her hole her cup.

Yet the cup we drink from is covered over. A holy cup of coffee which like oil products rules our lives a bit more then we may like.

This year I am going to humbug christmas and focus on Aboriginal groups…

“…dedicated to giving aid and direction to the sun which is ready to and give strength to budding life.”  It is called SOYAL…”

~ Religious Ontario Consultants on religious Tolerance



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