Satan Exulting Over Eve by William Blake @ 1795

Taurus Decan 3 ~ 29 April to May 8

“Learning from ones mistakes” and the “uncomfortable truth” just about sums up Mercury Rx here. Those aspected by this will find they are constantly faced with intellectual opposition and therefore will have to develop witty deflective responses and a thick skin to criticism at this time. However this enables much wisdom to be gathered because every theory will be put through the wringer in debates. Ideas will have to be validated the scientific way, so generally the mass media will not get away with misleading reporting or unsubstantiated statements.

Above quote taken from http://darkstarastrology.com/mercury-retrograde/

“To develop witty deflective responses and a thick skin to criticism at this time.”

Husband has some vacation time. He spent all day researching all the places we could go. Las Vegas, Sacramento, Death Valley or maybe Yosemite Park.

“I just don’t know,” I said.

This morning I told him that there is no where you can take me that will make me happier than I am right here. My trees in the garden or the lavender near the miniature lemon tree. Also the things I seek these days are internal joys. Noting compares with the challenges of my mind. Maybe a rough something like kayaking or a path into the mountains near by.  Yet still I am happy here, right here. I have so much to amuse me. Chores and responsibilities are my contract and contrast to a willing imagination.

Now that Mercury Rx is happening I feel an interesting shadow coming forth. Husband can run, play chess and maybe we can share a pint or see a band together? It is best to enjoy our time together here.

Oldest son turned me on to this number below.



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