Sunday Random pick…Mysterium Coniunctionis

I looked over. A book was yelling at me to take it and open it up. I did not want to do it. I did it. I randomly did what it desired… for me…to see…

Wild Purple Thistle watercolor by Hudley


“This investigation was rounded out by the Mysterium Coniunctionis, in which I once again took up the problem of the transference, but primarily followed my original intention of representing the whole range of alchemy as a kind of psychology of alchemy, or as an alchemical basis for depth psychology.

In Mysterium Coniunctionis my psychology was at last given its place in reality and established upon its historical foundations. Thus my task was finished, my work done, and now it can stand. The moment I touched bottom, I reached the bounds of scientific understanding, the transcendental, the nature of the archetype per se, concerning which no further scientific statements can be made. ”

Pg. 221, Memories, Dreams, Reflections , C. G. Jung.

Carl Jung Quote from his book Memories, Dreams, Reflections

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While riding the trail of my thoughts and goals I came upon a post that says that “blogging is a waste of time.” I do not agree with this point of view. Which takes me back to my obligation. Also, I get pulled into reconsidering my work as a writer.

Do I write for free, or do I write to help and join in? I want to write with value, integrity, and financial gain. I like getting paid for my work. So, this year I will decline writing for free for others.

Yet here I write to promote and express my dreams on my blog. I may find ways to author my own books on subjects from the past, present or future, but not for free anymore.

I am not asking for freelance pay as so much per word but something that makes me feel valued and appreciated for my expertise and experience. Thanks

“… to do something for its own sake and not for the sake of another human being – runs counter to feminine nature and often can be achieved only with effort.”

I often wonder why I write and create at all: for whom and why? I struggle with this.  As I am sure all individuals that create do. I mean who cares? I love Carl Jung because he supports the individual’s pursuit in becoming aware and becoming whole. He does this for each individual his magic touches.

He gave meaning out of the chaos of my life and put me on the right path; towards or from the darkness or light. The quote below wakes me to my responsibility to my ethical obligation.

I see him as an elder or father. For years now his books have been on my shelves waiting for me to hold them and reflect on the words of a wise friend and counselor.

    “That is what we usually neglect to do. We allow the images to rise up and maybe we wonder about them, but that is all. We do not take the trouble to understand them, let alone draw ethical conclusion from them.

This stopping-short conjures up the negative effects of the unconscious. It is equally a grave mistake to think that it is enough to gain some understanding of the images and that knowledge can here make a halt. Insight into them must be converted into an ethical obligation.

Not to do so is to fall prey to the power principle and this produces  dangerous effects which are destructive not only to others but even to the knower.

These images of the unconscious place a great responsibility upon a man. Failure to understand them, or a shirking of ethical responsibility, deprives him of his wholeness and imposes a painful fragmentariness of his life.”