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At a corner in our living room ever year, at a certain time of the year, the hanging crystal outside our window highlights a rainbow bridge thorough my Chiron Stencil.  As you can see I tried to capture this in the image above.

In mythology Chiron is known as the rainbow bridge between Saturn and Uranus. His silent lecture to me today is to notice him.  As in the days of old and maybe still to this day. Churches were built aligned with the sun. And certain times of the year different images, symbols and icons were purposefully infused with light. This causes a silent lecture as well. Some happen naturally and some are designed that way. Both inspire a type of continuity of ritual. The mystery of symbols, nature and myth. This is my magical religiosity.




image rellief / Stencil of Chiron 1995

image relief / Stencil of Chiron 1995

Son laughed at Chiron and said,

“He has man-boobs!”

Laughing I threw a pillow at Son and replied,

“He is a Hermaphrodite maybe…?!”

I found a friend today. An image made from a stencil, back in the day when apartment living came alive with a little art project. This is Chiron. He travels in our social system between Saturn and Uranus. This planetoid has a way of doing his magic that we mystics know about.

This is a personification and mythological image relief of Chiron. I’d been looking for him over the years. I could not find the original stencil, yet the image found me as I was actually working on another project. He just appeared in a large drawing paper book. A heartfelt ostentatious time to surprise me and now he’s on a viewing wall again.

This morning the light form an outside hanging crystal was playfully illuminating the image of Chiron with arched and broken rainbows on the wall of our living room.