This morning the light from a hanging crystal outside was playfully illuminating the image of Chiron with arched and broken rainbows on the wall of our living room.

image relief / Stencil of Chiron 1995

Son laughed at Chiron and said,

“He has man-boobs!”

Laughing I threw a pillow at Son and replied,

“He is a Hermaphrodite maybe…?!”

I found a friend today. An image made from a stencil, back in the day when apartment living came alive with a little art project. This is Chiron. He travels in our solar system between Saturn and Uranus. This planetoid has a way of doing his magic that we mystics know about.

This is a personification and mythological image relief of Chiron. I’d been looking for him over the years. I could not find the original stencil, yet the image found me as I was actually working on another project. He just appeared in a large drawing paper book. A heartfelt ostentatious time to surprise me and now he’s on a viewing wall again.

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