No complaints at Weber’s Place

I was a little reluctant to go to Weber’s Place due to some past troubles with the venue from a few years back. It is a fun nightclub with a full bar. It looked different. The large mirrors ’round the stage were gone and I think some other construction work was done. The bouncers seemed the same and the bartenders are excellent servers as usual. The drinks are not cheep but all in all it was fun. All the bands rocked and it was excellent. Stop Breathing got the room moving even though the crowd was a smaller size. Bad Samaritans are funny and a bit more experienced with the punk rock scene that has continued for the last 30 years. Battalion Of Saints are out of control great and an ace with their mature punk style. Dr Know climbed on to the stage at the peak of the evening and took us all on a wild ride. I was having flash backs from 1980 then to the present. Faces, symbols of bands on clothes, and the movement of the crowd all was so familiar to me.  At one point I stood between two big guys that were protecting me from the slam pit cause it got rough as usual. I blissed-out out on the smell of leather and smoke and the sound of the music. After the show the cool feel of sweat renewed me. As if going to a sona at the local Buddhist temple. I felt clean, good and with the people and scene that  I respect. No complaints here. In the girls bathroom i had a gulp of Cobra Malt Beer with some youngsters. They were happy to have what they call an “Old School girl” hang with them for a short time, even if it was only for a gulp and a piss.  They took a picture. Fun!