pink brassière and gargoyle

Pink brassière by Hudley 2014
Pink brassière and gargoyle stained glass window by Hudley 2014

When I was given my first brassiere, as mom called them, it wasn’t a day to remember. She secretly slipped them into my underwear drawer. This was under my closet.  I was 13 years old when I found the two brassieres; little wee bras that they were. My response was rebellion. When I saw the bad little flower-lace decorations on the front, I ripped them off and threw them to the floor. I jumped on the bras after throwing them to the ground also!!

I proceeded to run out of the house screaming, and then climbing the eucalyptus tree in front of my parent’s house. I crawled up to the rock-roof and climbed up the red brick chimney, a place for gargoyles, eagles, and squirrels. My hideout!

“Tomboy, little tomboy as I reflect on this memory now, I realize what Mom was doing some forty years ago!!”

Mom was indirectly trying to wake-me-up to the woman I was becoming. She knew my wild ways. This seems the only way she could have done it, but I would have nothing to do with it. It was not going to happen to me, but it did!!

Our patriarchal culture spends a great deal of time focusing on this part of a woman’s anatomy, I scored big.  Humor aside this is not the point of this essay.

Indirectly this post is about the perfect brassiere which I have found.  It has a flower- lace decoration on the front. It makes me feel feminine, beautiful, happy, and womanly. It is a Magic Glamorise-1003. A perfect fit!! My new pink brassiere with flower-lace.

Sometimes it is the funny little things that mean so much

CAM-picsayPhoto by Gus Hudson

This funny little clock was a Christmas present for Mom. I got it for her. Yes, it was a funny little clock that played the tune “The Way We Were.” I know that some members of the family were irritated by the tune that went off every hour. I heard the stories about how it should be thrown in the trash but I know they were only joking, even though they seemed unaware of how insensitive it seemed to me.

I saw the love and focus she put into this little clock. Each hour of the clock had a little place for a picture; just enough for the family. It has twelve places for our immediate family. Starting at the top at twelve O’clock then going right; first is Dad, Mom, Steve, Greg, Sallie, Gus and me. Then the grandchildren with Steve Jr., Renee’, Howard, Johnfred and little blued eyed Shyane. Just perfect… but of course mom was good at these types of things. She always had a little dance in her step when the tune played. This is how I remember seeing her. It was her clock and pictures of her family. Sometimes it is the funny little things that mean so much.