Spear of Destiny and beyond…

“…unless human beings could live at peace with one another.


“In Goethe’s world conception, which is of a magical nature, both man’s spiritual and physical existence is related to the whole Universe of Stars, Sun and Planets. Just as man is not limited to his physical body, which Goethe conceived as the garment of both soul and spirit, the stars are not considered as simply meaningless massed formed in a three-dimensional space time continuum. Rather, Goethe regarded the heavenly orbs as the outer physical expression of Spiritual Beings, higher nonhuman Intelligences, which radiate spiritual and qualitative forces with their operative orbits.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

~Pg. 162-3 The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft

I am whispering in case the heavens are listening. This month the moon, sun, and planets are making a big deal about their place in the heavens.

I get it. It is a lovely galactic symphony. So, come the trials. Some are big and some very subtle and diabolically a pain in the ass. I try to keep sensible and logical, which I learned from my oldest son. It is hard to sometimes be logical and I turn to my passions.  

So, the books start to come. I show a little interest in something from my past and the books will come. Not my doing it is my darn husband.

He has a statistical and chess mind. He thinks that by getting me these books that interest me, he can buy more chess books. So be it. I guess those rosy stories have been whispering in my ear as of late.   As I said, it is that time of the year when chaos can be a good thing but unfortunately now it is discerningly a depraved time in our history.

Yet, from the cracks in the universe we find unique gifts like pearls. I shall go with the flow now engaging my moral courage for months to come.

“And while holding the talisman of power in his hands he told his Aides that mankind was standing on the brink of the most evil epoch in the entire history of the Planet. His young subordinates did not know about the Atom Bomb which was a most closely guarded a secret at this time.

They asked themselves what could be more evil than the Concentration Camps of Adolf Hitler’s defeated regime, and they wondered if their General had finally gone off his head. General Patton lift the bunker beneath Nuremberg Fortress in a somber mood.

Doom was written across the future of humanity unless human beings could live at peace with one another, and Patton could see in all clarity the danger of the new confrontation between America and Russia…Soldiers from the Third Division were standing guard outside the massive steel doors of the bunker in the Oberen Schmied Gasse when American aircraft unleashed the first atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The atomic age had begun.”

Pg. 350 The Spear of Destiny by Threvor Ravenscroft

To my lullaby surrender Warm and tender is my breast Mother’s arms with love caressing Lay their blessing on your rest Nothing shall tonight alarm you None shall harm you, have no fear Lie contented, calmly slumber On your mother’s breast, my dear   Here tonight I tightly hold you And enfold you while you sleep Why, I wonder, are you smiling Smiling in your slumber deep? Are the angels on you smiling And beguiling you with charm While you also smile, my blossom In my bosom soft and warm?   Have no fear now, leaves are knocking Gently knocking at our door Have no fear now, waves are beating Gently beating on the shore Sleep, my darling, none shall harm you Nor alarm you, never cry In my bosom sweetly smiling And beguiling those on high.

Oberen Schmied Gasse.