I wrote this poem on 8/8/88, 28 years ago. The mythology and symbolism defines a change, a pull that moved me onto another path. From music and wild ways to a new life. It did happen. Now when I look back I am amazed at the internal movement of this poem. Today it holds value and this why I am sharing it today.


th (13)

Athena holds me to her bosom, dear, a sullen tear, I reply in fear. Alas her Owl comes from the west! Calling me to take me from my nest! Stir me up, shake me, I stand naked, as nothing. And her tear drops, I saw it, to the book here, I am reading.

Alas she cries for all imprisoned women! Pregnant and within her presence, Now, I want to die, where could I go? Death would not hide me from her! Inspire me, Aphrodite with love tonight.

I love her, in myself be true! Please say it is alright, lie with me this night. My tent is up, my lantern lit, all upon a hill, I have my medicine staff, as snake crawls up, my mythology dream stick self. In all my dreams, I never knew, A woman would bear-up my child.

Yes, that tear that fell, will be my watering growth. The Owl, my wings, shall fly the west, the east, the south and north. The snake on staff will crawl up, coiled then straight and fire blown.

Athena and Aphrodite the two stars, Together, moon beam shine upon me. This time I will not shy away, this time I bring you birth, I know you know, “Mine Krater” be filled this night.

And Persephone smiles in the morning East saying, “Ah look, there flies the Eagle!”

Poem by Hudley Flipside 8/8/88