Mockery Of Them

If I end up with cancer and I only have a few months to live I would do something revolutionary, but now I have the superpower of invisibility. It all happened one night on a walk around the neighborhood…

Praying Mantis 1
Happy Holiday Praying Mantis by Hudley

Mystical places do exist. Haven’t you caught them from the corner of your eye? A flash of light, a face or a building appears then gone when you look straight at it. I am not talking about black floaters or some science jargon here. The strangest thing I caught by this type of seeing was just down the block from my house. It was dusk and I saw two enormous white marble cat-like figures, taller than the trees and the houses. They were parallel to each other. It was a foggy night and the feeling of awesome came to mind. As a camera flash illuminates its object of focus then is out, so too was this image just as bright and followed by darkness.

Months later I strolled to this place again on one of my walks. This time it was late and the clear night sky shimmering multitudes of lights and unseen dark matter. I stood at the spot again where I viewed the cat-like figures. A sudden will-o’-the-wisp came down from the night sky and I heard a chant.

“Finally daughter-child you come to the altar. Take the gift of invisibility. Mock the greedy bastard rich who abuse their power on your sweet little planet.”

I knew my mission and all I had to do was say the chant.

“Mock the greedy bastard rich who abuse their power on our sweet little planet.”

I ran home and wrote the chant down. At first I thought myself crazy. I tried the chant a few times. Now invisible, I went to son’s classes and watched him working. I enjoyed this immensely. I often kissed him on his head and he felt me as a soft breeze. Somehow I think he knew someone was there.

I tripped his history teacher and watched him fall down three stairs and bloody his elbows. Even though I feel he is a good teacher, he makes a lot of mistakes when grading his student’s papers. Then and there I took a vow to only use the chant with integrity. Damn it…it really works!!

I studied hard and researched until I found all the information I needed. So my mockery-mission was planned. I took two weeks off during the Holiday season to go visit my brother. All was a foot! Airplanes, buses and even a few taxis were all free to an invisible passenger. Anything I wore upon my body was invisible like me. I did not have to go around naked like the invisible man Griffin.

Firstly my mission was invisibly-vising all the Koch brothers corporations. I destroyed all of their documents, computers and sabotaged their meetings while making a mockery of them.

Papers in the air, over turned coffee cups and farts from nowhere…

I could hear the angels laughing. Then I visited Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and a few strategically stupid Tea Party members. (I admit I digressed putting laxatives in Rush’s Whiskey) I hunted them down and haunted them as the three admirable ghosts from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

As my final first mission and task; I took as much money from local banks as I could.

It really does not take a genius to plan a bank robbery when you are invisible!

Something Robin Hood and His Merrie Men might have done…sharing the wealth with the middle class and the poor.

It is easy to find needy people when you are invisible.

But this was just the beginning of my superpower… and I can tell you all this, there are more of us invisible people out there then you may realize… for we are the ghosts and angels not just of your dreams but those lights that twinkle at the corner of your eyes.

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