Punk DC Documentary…. Brilliance !! NOPE!



What a brilliant time for this documentary. The waxing moon is growing strong with the full moon arriving this Friday June 13th 2014.

Check it out and support friends Paul Bishow & James Schneider !!

and check out their Kickstarter site…

Punk the Capital, Straight from Washington D.C. Documentary

by Paul Bishow & James Schneider

A documentary exploring how Punk took hold in Washington D.C., from 1976 through the hardcore explosion of the early 1980s.

Look below and click on it…!!!!! Be a backer make a pledge. It is like the good old days when supporting the wild fire of a scene …no questions asked…it was just done. FIVE DAYS LEFT !!!!!


I was disappointed that I was excluded form the documentary as a representative of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. I always felt sexism was threaded through the DC scene. After  years of waiting,  I was told on the day of the primer I was edited out. It was by some very sloppy editing… some guy reading from Flipside. My spiel was gone. A bunch of bull.


this rips my heart out real good !! Thanks a lot ….

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