Hate talking

Recently in an interview. I was asked many questions about days long gone by. I found that one question, yes one,  I responded to in a round about way. I found myself floating above my brain. Releasing words which were coming out of my mouth. I looked at the interviewer and he had an in-depth look on his face. Fucking stupid words were trying to describe feelings. wonderful, explosive feelings from my youth. The enthusiasm was bouncing around the walls shaking off the dusty dust from my older mind and body. I was in the corner of words pouring out as vast sentences forming from images and feelings. All which came to a separate conclusion. Of a time that was not linear but moved around as a record on a turn table or as fast live songs that grabbed me and knocked me to the ground.

“Is he understanding my words…. geez…ask another question please??!!”

Thank God he did…I really hate talking. My last interview is my solution. !!



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