Rock Fight Curated By Timothy White

The event was a dualistic creative assembly of many works from photographers,

or …

A pub is where the heart is, in case you have lost it.

Been staying local for some time but territorial pissing can be a drag, so tonight was a dash to do something different on a whim.

An invitation, art and continuity of friendship aroused those taking a risk feeling again.

Yes, the 101 freeway was heavy with traffic at 5:30 PM; but we could use the extra time to find a place to park.

Easing the stress with a pint before the event is always a reasonably social thing to do. So around the corner was a delightful Pub with a kind hearted giant bouncer hanging outside the door.

Guinness will do thank you or maybe a Firestone.

We arrived there early but the rats from the press smelled the cheese first. When we came back to the event a bouncer was courteous and remembered us.

The photographs were large, clean, and in your face. The general motif was a compare and contrast between boxers and musicians. The event was a dualistic creative assembly of many works from photographers.

The building was rather small but was filled to the rim with a mixture of all ages; video cameras and technology galore with the usual turned up nose.

The heart the host lacked must have been misplaced, even though he gets credit for being accessible.

I watched as youngsters bathed in his lecturing discourse like he was a professor of something. I gave him a handshake and hug.

He didn’t seem to understand that the images on the wall were all from 25 something or more years ago, just like both of us.

The heart the host lacked must have been misplaced because the bouncer at the pub around the corner had a heart. He glowed with integrity, muse, and love.

Yes, lost by the host of this event. Too bad because overall we had a great time.

I am getting a taste in my mouth for another event like this one…soon.

Carlos Palomino In Training by Theo Ehret. and Mike Ness by Edward Colver

George Foreman Training for The Rumble In The Jungle by Theo Ehret and Iggy Pop by Ebet Roberts.

Host without a Heart Henry Rollins

Hedgemon Lewis and Armando Through The Ropes by Theo Ehrel and Elton John by Berrie Wentzell

Sid Vicious By Bob Gruen, Dallas circa 1978.

Mil Mascaras The Original Luchadore by Theo Ehret and Debbie Harry/ Pink by Bob Gruen

All images of this event are taken by Hudley Flipside edited to black and white for this layout only, The original images are full color. Except for the heartless one.