Red: Heaven in Hell’s despair

Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.~ William Blake

The colors became dark. The night air and clubs filled with dark colors and darker tattoos. She remembered when bright colors expressed the vibrant nights in contrast to the dark nights and loud music. To bring the bright colors back was a problem for her.

Bright lipstick and red pants. The joy of watercolors on paper brought the essence of the flowers to life. Why not on her round body; green, purple and red were the colors she wanted to wear!

She would put the colorful colors of clothing on her body before going out, but at the last-minute took them all off, slipping into her dark cloths again. She put on her old ripped and torn clothing  to blend into the crowd. She was hiding her light and cravings for color.

Her friend told her once, “don’t be afraid to show yourself, and don’t care what anyone thinks…it is you that you have got to please!!”

Tonight is the night she wore her red pants, black shoes with open toes and a black shirt with a bright red logo.  She put the red lipstick on her pale lips.

Another friend told her once to wear lipstick; she said “wear lipstick no matter what. You can get away with skipping all the other makeup, but lipstick is a must. It brings color to your face, and it makes you look finished.”

The night was dark but her red pants, lips and band-logo were anything but!!

The Surgeons

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Oh Cenobites !!

dear Pinhead please cheer up!!

There are many others to disembowel and shock!!

I have not put your white

and bloody face upon mine,

nor have I hid,

embraced in your shadow,

this Halloween time!!

Yet Clive Baker is knowing,

and you repeats are showing,

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inspiring the fear

that you so love to see.

I’ve shunned you,

ignored you,

Yes, I’ve looked the other way!!

The box is not lost,

there is still

an abundance

of pleasure or pain to serve…