The Chanel N°5 Woman

She caught the view of my man

Thinking he did not fit the style

Of the punk rock show

She told him as I listened,

“You do not seem the type

To come to this place.”

I was out of her focus

Then slowly came forth

I think I stunned her conquest

Letting her know he is my man.

She drank shots of Whiskey

I told her I drank Makers Mark

She told me,

“Jack Daniel’s is the best choice!”

She instantly bugged me

I moved my man away,

We started a short friendship

And talked away’

To the pounding of music.

As the slam pit was rocking

Doctor Know blasted on.

She told me she was Jewish

I told her I followed the Goddesses

She was irritated and so was I

Yet we talked about age, religiosity

And being raised and born in the same town.

She spoke,

“Did you know that I am crazy?”

I told her she was not.

As the band played on

And then a slammer knocked her to the floor.

We all helped her up

And I slipped a clear crystal bracelet on her wrist

Then we walked away.

As the show ended

She tossed over on the bar

Some Chanel N°5

In a small, elegant container.

Yes, this was for me.

I guess as a Jew,

She said,

She cannot have tattoos.

“Wondered why I would do that?

Symbols on the skin.”

As I think of her now

I liked her a lot

She was wild and held the boys

That came by

As they rounded the pit.

They smiled

we laughed.

If she is crazy

Then I guess I am too!

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