Flipside # 16 Advertisement “Electrify Me,” The Plugz, First album.


The staph on Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine issue 16 are Al, Jill Masters, Paul Problem, Nate, X-8, Pete Landswick, John Angola, Hud, Gerber, Gerald, and Dee & Hilda. This was the first issue where I was included as someone who caused considerable trouble. I awoke this morning thinking about an advertisement for the Plugz that (brother) Gus and I did in this particular issue. He did not get credit on staph, but he signed the contribution on the image as Caz 79. Working on this issue was a great adventure and all the characters that were called staph were unique and inviting in so many ways.

It still Electrifies Me !!

(Look for a band and a place… it is fun to see what was really going on then!)

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LAS PLOGAS “The Plugs” Taken from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue (replica) Paperback

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