Flipside # 16 Advertisement “Electrify Me,” The Plugz, First album.


“They are largely staphylococci (Staph) and are to be found for the most part in hospital wards and clinics, where they cause considerable trouble”

The staph on Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine issue 16 are Al, Jill Masters, Paul Problem, Nate, X-8, Pete Landswick, John Angola, Hud, Gerber, Gerald, and Dee & Hilda. This was the first issue where I was included as someone who caused considerable trouble. I awoke this morning thinking about an advertisement for the Plugz that (brother) Gus and I did in this particular issue. He did not get credit on staph, but he signed the contribution on the image as Caz 79. Working on this issue was a great adventure and all the characters that were called staph were unique and inviting in so many ways.

Ad in FLipside Fanzine # 16 by Gus Hudson and Hudley

I was the model in this advertisement. What I love most about this issue is the map illustrated by  Dee & Hilda.  It is great to sit back and reflect upon it …. a time so long ago. It still Electrifies Me !!

(Look for a band and a place… it is fun to see what was really going on then!)

This is a very accurate map of our city-by Dee , Hilda, Al and Holly.
This is a very accurate map of our city-by Dee, Hilda, Al and Holly aka HUD.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4flipside_page_031-2.jpg

LAS PLOGAS “The Plugs” Taken from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue (replica) Paperback

To Dee (rip) & Hilda…!! I will always love ya !! The last song is about you two… who were so nice to me as we danced live with the bands….

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