American black and white shorthair

You cannot imagine the kindness I’ve received at the hands of perfect strangers.
W. Somerset Maugham

Our Kitty Flash
Our Kitty Flash

Karma, synchronicity and continuity speak to me, along with the freedom of the heart that is sometimes rascelulion in nature, and this all points to something beyond us. It can be personified in the many words of religion, science or art, yet it is only personifications which point to something beyond the personifications. Energy, movement, knowing and grace; help, letting go and responsibility are the showing ways or actions of Karma. These are the ways to know karma or dharma; to see or sniff them out is something bound by cause and effect.

Last night I had a difficult decision to make. My heart said one thing and my mind another. My back ached with stress because I knew I had to let go, or not act on something. This is not comfortable territory for me. I have the sin of codependency. I have read all the books and have learned that sometimes doing nothing is the best thing we can do for another.  I did nothing. Today Karma, synchronicity and continuity spoke to me. As Mr. Myyoki, a religious studies professor, Buddhist priest and Jungian theorist, said to me in class, “don’t take on someone elses Karma.” I can take on my own.

Albertsons went out of business. I now shop at Ralphs. I went shopping without any bags and was given two simple brown bags filled with groceries. Today I went to another store, and today I remembered to take out my many-colored shopping bags for groceries, even the two simple brown paper bags. At the checkout line I consciously looked at the two bags and said,

“I will put these aside.”

When putting the groceries in the back of the car I again looked at the bags and thought,

“I will put these two brown paper bags aside.”

I was driving home on Roscoe Blvd. ,driving over the bridge that goes over the drainage ditch, and saw a cat. The cat had been ran over and was dead in the middle of the street. As I passed by I noticed that the cat looked just like one of my cats. I was miles away from home. I turned around and parked in the middle of a four lane street. A strong image came to mind of the two simple brown paper bags. I ran out and stopped the heavy traffic. I pulled the cat to safety by the tail. I opened the back of the car and pulled out the bags. I slowly put the cat in one bag and then covered the deceased animal by the other bag, While doing this a man pulled up in his car and parked.

He was a middle ages african american who was dressed casually. He spoke with kindness and with clear words. He had a cell phone and called the proper authorities to take care of the cat. He stopped traffic for me, and then we placed the cat across the street near the base of the bridge and told the authorities where the American black and white shorthair was. We said a prayer and held hands and walked back to our cars.

Two strange people and a dead cat In the middle of the city surrounded by heavy traffic, what is the probability of this?

We both made the right decisions today. Some person somewhere is going to have a nightmare.;  about a cat they ran over tonight, a hit and run.

‘You gave me some faith today, I needed it. Thank you for your help!” I said.

“You gracefully took the cat and cared for him, thank you. You have given me some faith in humanity!” Said the man.

My decision to let go was the right one. My decision to take action and help a cat was a right decision too. These are examples of karma, synchronicity and continuity. When I got home I hugged my kitties until they pushed me away with their paws. We cannot control our life completely. Death will come when it will.  But when we find kindness in strange places with srangers, this is karma, synchronicity and continuity working at it’s best. It does not end here either !!

To Robert the nice man.

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