It is ok !!


San Fernando Mission 2012, Photo taken By Shyane Cornell

Being alive we are all touched by many things. Music especially moves me. It is a powerful touch! I like all types of music. But what really touches my soul, my human condition is Jazz. It touches me and pulls me in to a connection with life as a link up. With all the crazy times… good and bad,  Jazz incarnates me into the real world.

“It is fucking ok to be a human and feel what I am feeling, think what I am thinking … even love and hate what I do!!”

Jazz is my musical mixing factor of being in a good groove with the world. In times like ours Jazz cools me off from the fire of my emotional soul and makes me feel clean…and just OK!!

The world can be a big pain in the ass, but while I am listening to Jazz…

“It be cool…to be a human being…regardless!!”

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