Now has come the smell of anticipation to create…after the pain of loss…

“What is actually new in these interactions is the introduction of the financial aspect; if desired, the user has the possibility to monetize his expertise. Although, we can always share our experience for free, giving users the opportunity to have some financial compensation may enhance the potential of interactions by providing them credibility, recognizing their value and establishing a relationship of equals between the parties. Some people may well feel more at ease if, to complete their project, they have the possibility to ‘buy’ someone else’s know-how.”


Hudley the Jester… Be more than an asshole.

This was written after my stuff was destroyed by a gang of stupid trashing punks at a show in the San Fernando Valley, California … like prison rape and the promoter did not give a shit… (my life threatened) PUnk Rock Swap Meet… regardless I moved on… my journals are now all in one paperback format where I can sell them online. Problem solved. (around 2016). Published paperbacks 2019.

my opus magnum

It is ironic. My jewel, my opus magnum,  and creations destroyed by the very same scene that gave me a voice. The punk scene gave me a voice. I self-taught myself or created myself in this void of rebellion.

A new world. The ideologies, punk community where we helped each other.

We confront the status quo and want to change things. My memories are something I share. It took me a long time but, a validation from financial gain is a necessity for a value of one’s art. What makes it valuable is relative.

Time, attempt, joy, bliss, and humor. A joining in. I joined the community of the history of punk now. I took a vow in Jung’s terms.

I am confronted with violence, destruction, and hate. What is my psyche doing now?

How is Cosmos responding to this? The fire of destruction. The depth of despair. The wheel of talk that becomes tiresome to others.

Pity, maybe.

Hope, lost.

The band plays on…

I smell nothing today.

But the recurrence of something I cannot change.

I move forward as a phoenix.

new possibilities new awareness

leaving the gutter behind me!


The Tape Recorder Issue. I dedicate this issue to the one and only tape recorder we used at Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine.

On the cover is one of my favorite pics of the early punk scene with Subhumans (Canadian Band) and Samoans. Greg Turner, Metal Mike, Wimpy, Hud, Gary and Jim. I am holding Flipside’s tape recorder. Picture by Al Flipside. Out soon.

Now the new cover for Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue. A paperback replica of the original issue. Published by The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing/ Hudley Flipside (2019)

All four journals are now for sale as one paperback memoir…

Click on both images to order for your reading pleasure.

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