Debating Anarchy and Chaos

The Wingled Ones

Greek word for the undifferentiated mixture of raw elements supposed to occupy the Word-Goddess’s womb before creation and after destruction of each recurrent universe. It meant Goddess herself in her state of “eternal flux,” when the fluid of her womb was not yet clotted into the formative state of solid world. Chaos is expressed in the Bible as the condition of the earth before creation, “without form” and “void.” (Genesis 1:2). 

Debating with my family in the living room on this topic of anarchy and chaos left me sparked for writing. Since my early punk days I found that both words, anarchy and chaos, were used a lot. As a naïve youngster I had fun with the meaning of these words into action. Now I see the words used just as naïvely still.

As though the words and their meaning are crystallized.  Now I am embarrassed into saying that people who use the words don’t always know what they are talking about. 

I found that one element that the two words have in common is the word organization.  Anarchy being the opposing of authority or hierarchical organization. Chaos being the lack of organization or order.  Where the two words are contrary or opposed is interesting.

To understand that the key to anarchy is knowing that it is a political philosophy is the key to knowing that it is all about human relations. Chaos is not.  This is the opposition between anarchy and chaos.

Chaos is a process of the void, confusion and disorder.  Anarchy is based on  the social and interpersonal relations between human beings.  It is a conversational place.

Additional perspective:

The Evil Dump

Over the last year it is clear to me that anarchy and chaos can be used diabolically. I see it in the realm of inclusion and a process of making life better. Old ways broken down and built up again for the betterment of humanity. Now the American government is, more specifically the White House and the GOP are, using elements of anarchy and chaos to cause discord that is snobbishly aloof and much too exclusive. Built on the platform of the powerful absorbent unscrupulous wealthy to suck our democracy dry.