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Guide to the Flipside Collection:



  • The Flip Side Collection consists of ephemera related to Los Angeles’ Flip Side fanzine, including 20 stickers with seven different designs, business cards, a distribution letter and flyer, a Fanzine Nation letter, photocopy of an article by Jeff O’Neill in the Rio Hondo College publication El Paisano entitled “Punk Rock: The Sick Shall Inherit the Earth” from February 24, 1978, and the Summer 2012 issue (#45) of Colorado’s Dagger fanzine that contains an interview with Flip Side staffers Patrick DiPuccio and Holly Hudson [Holly Kowalewski, Holly Cornell]. Also included in the collection is a document created by donor DiPuccio describing the items in the collection at length. The Flip Side Collection provides a business context to the fanzine. Seen in a broader context, the collection highlights the do-it-yourself aesthetic of 1970s punk fanzines and illustrates their evolution into the new millennium.

    Curiosity of PaT DiPuccio

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum


Krater (mixing Vessel)

The vessel of spiritual transformation

In the writing of Poimandres (a pagan gnostic) the Krater was a vessel filled with the spirit, which the creator-god sent down to earth so that those who strove for higher  consciousness might be baptized in it. It was a kind of uterus of spiritual renewal and rebirth and corresponded to the alchemical vase in which transformation of substances took place. The parallel to this in Carl Jung’s psychology is the inner transformation process known as individuation.

I have a little book that I wrote the above quote in some thirty years ago. This quote came to mind upon seeing  this Krater at the Getty Museum. Funny after all these years that this quote and this vase or vessel come together. It is something that I have consciously been alerted too. This is synchronicity learning that has a life of its own. In all I feel quite happy.

“Ho-hum” a day at the J. Paul Getty…not so!

The J. Paul Getty Museum is a few miles from where I live. We decided to take our 11-year-old to the museum.  My husband asked me, “How about going to the orientation offered at the museum, or how about a tour?” Then my son said, “I just want to explore!” This is what we did, we explored the museum.  The first room soon made my son aware of nudity. A change has happened , he now was aware of the penis on a statue. He laughed and giggled at first. I then quick and calmly  added with motherly wisdom, “Shyane this is art get use  to it!” As the day evolved he became quite agreeable with the nude figures and all was well. I knew in my heart he reached a cross over from young child to a place of maturity. He no longer  lets me see him naked. With the loss of innocence comes an awareness of the mind.  We were soon greeted by a statue of Mercury. Caduceus in hand we refer to him as Hermes Trismegistus and  he welcomes us to the exploration of the museum.  We walked throughout the museum.

we filled our intellects as well as our souls.