Flopside Comics : Sickholy Friday Easter flashback


While the Fuck family was sitting around the table wondering if they would be doing easter eggs this year, and wondering who would be the bunny to hand out the candy, a comic good friday flashback came to Mr. Shit’s mind. He has punkarama dementia and is not on the up and up.

“I think JESUS followed in his mama’s footsteps!!”

“Oh really, ” said Mr Pee Wee Gutter?

“Maybe so,” said Mr. Crap !!

“He may have a fucking point. Heysus was not a cabinet-maker like his dad. He had a whole bunch of dames following him around and paying his experiences too,” said Mr. Pee Wee Gutter!!

“This goes against my belief system dudes. I refuse to be the bunny,” said Bloody Elbows.

Then Mr. Fuck picked up a book he found in the trash a few days earlier.

“I read in this book that Heysus was a good cook. He liked to barbecue all sorts of fish for his fucking buddies and did free poetry readings!”


“Remember to be more than an asshole….Flopside comis suck and so do you!!”