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New to an older dame…


The Grinch by Shyane

The last month nothing has changed. Only that I also have another room juxtaposed next to this one; in this home I know as WordPress. One room is for posting and one for a new business. This is my Go-Daddy WordPress.org joint. I may have found out that I am riding more of a cutting edge, to what is happening now, in the online digital eBooks world. The variety is amazing. Underground to more expensive editing etc. What I have found out in the past year is that this in my WordPress home; an open door is available to a global community. English is a global language. Or maybe it is a shame that I don’t write and read more languages.

Reaching a global collective readership is amazing to me. Everyday  one read from Mexico, Australia and Brazil amuses me. Even though my creativity is taken a fall off, due to seasonal depression,  my readership is delightfully consistent, Now this is new to me.

Thanks to the global WordPress community….


The Seminary of Praying Mantis


bitchin candle…instant meditation…

The Mantis will sit in an attitude of extreme reverence and contemplation, his head turned sometimes slightly on side as if he were waiting…for the wind to come from far beyond the mountains on the other side of the desert to bring him a story of life before and beyond the moment. …~ Pg. 22. The Creative Pattern In Primitive Africa by Laurens van der Post

Tatoo Flower

Hudley’s Tattoo flower 2012

Hudley’s Tattoo flower 2012

The Seminary of Praying Mantis is about nature politics and human beings. It is a voice of a little creature that survives the continuity of the seasons. It is all about life, death and rebirth.

I took on this title for my WordPress blog because I wanted to move away from my history of punk rock. I needed to expand to include all my interests. I admit the reason for creating this site was to promote a book I was working on entitled, The Seminary of Praying Mantis: A PUNKALULLABY. (The Punkalullaby title is based on stories I once wrote in Flipside Fanzine during the 1980s when publishing the fanzine.) Instead I found myself moving in other directions when writing. I still pivot and jump into the punk scene now and then, but not all the time.

I have been through some changes in the last four years. I lost my mom, dad and best friends. I also went through menopause, which was a bitch. Having this WordPress blog has saved my life. Writing is my cure and I love it.

I do not have a perfect writing style but a natural style. I am not trying to get anywhere or achieve some great success through writing. It is an “ising” experience.

I include a smörgåsbord of writing styles here. I am a punk rock writer that learns as she goes. My symbol for my style is the Praying Mantis.

The future may bring good news of publishing such as articles, books and more down to earth manifestations of my writing.

I am grateful for WordPress for giving me the opportunity to express myself; it is a great gift!!  I think it is a big part of my destiny.