Suicide Squirrels

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Bless them wild suicide squirrels they got a death wish. I see them dance the detorsion dance of death.

Have you seen the suicide squirrels? Crazy animals that run across the street. They have a big shadow going on in them as daredevils galore. These crazy squirrels race across the street not looking where they are going. They zoom fast over the road right in front of cars. I slowdown in my car and honk and yell trying to save their life. Jerks in cars don’t care and run them right over. A real hit and run. I stay to watch the detorsion dance of death.

Them crazy suicide squirrels. I stay and take care of their final wishes. I always take time to bless ’em and put them in a bag after they die. It is always quick.

A song by Stan Kenton called Painted Rhythm reminds me of them wild beasts, them suicide squirrels. They just don’t listen to me.

“Get out of the street !!” I scream.

The suicide squirrels are damn independent, wild, and organized animals… but they got a strange shadow side. A death wish.

Spring is so sweet today. The air honeyed with nectar and the birds are singing. Life can be heavenly but I never lose sight of the shadow. It is important to keep goodness and our shadows at check, or in balance. A good way for our soul. You know the story of the brightest light casting the greatest shadow.

Today I am impressed to hear the music of the wild thyme herb growing. Blossoms are very small and delicate. It casts a shadow too and hangs best under one dark shadow this morning.