Federal Government…


I know this will not be a popular post… and frankly I don’t care… but I will stick with Thomas Paine on this topic…

 “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”  

Until people govern from within, they need be governed from without…the desire of greed for power is what corrupts us… the governmental focus needs to be the service and maintenance of the land, but we live in a fear-based society.

The GOP …sigh… is using propaganda like the bowels of hell… step back don’t get pulled into it…xx I have no secrets …I have at the most, 30 years left on this earth… I don’t have a cell phone…I am not a terrorist… I am not involved with human-trafficking nor am I a pedophile…

I sure want the FEDS to find those who are… we need student loans and money for the terrible damage caused by tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes… it isn’t perfect, but it is better than the alternative… “So, it Goes.”

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Dear Leader

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.

– Thomas Paine


Over the last few months I have noticed a great deal of fraudulent activities going on.  We have many local governments run by gangsters. These leading individual fools are making bad choices. Our local leaders are “wheeling and dealing” money and stealing from “the People.”  This is inspired by big corporations as well. They come into a community and influence little city councils with the “big bucks.” I wonder where the honor is with our local leaders. I wonder if most individuals drawn to public office these days are badly “power-warped” from the get go.


We live in a global community more than ever before in our history as human beings. The above quote by Thomas Paine identifies the real ambition of a true public servant for “the People.”  Government should be as a fine membrane; set up to maintain and service “the People.”  The above quote by Paine reveals the ideals of honorable leadership of a world, a country or any spit in the wind local city government.


“To do good is my religion” is what we must hold all leaders accountable to. First our leaders must have a heart, a conscience. Second our local leaders need to understand that they are interconnected to other local governments. They are the microcosm of the macrocosm. As this applies locally, it also applies to our states and our country.


As a leader one takes on responsibility to those she or he serves. Public office must be an honor of service. This must be the same locally and to the world.  Everything is interconnected. We need extraordinary ambassadors that make a vow to serve “the People” a continent, governments and countries. We do not want leaders who serve only their personal and private interests anymore!!!.


I call to the Thomas Paines of the world, countries and governments to be leaders of “goodness.” Their greatest and highest inspiration must now be, “All mankind [humanity] are my brethren.”


Cheers~ a toast to our future Leaders, our great new extraordinary Ambassadors!!


They purify the earth for My Lady.

They celebrate her in song.

They fill the table of the land with the first fruits.

They pour dark beer for her.

They pour light beer for her.

Dark beer, emmer beer,

Emmer beer for My Lady.

~Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Current Events: Lawmakers to start moving budget through Legislature

“Brown and Democratic lawmakers are in agreement on the approach to the tax plan, which would temporary raise the sales tax levels on the state’s tax and levels on the state’s wealthiest residents. They assume more than $8 billion in revenue from those taxes and anticipate extra cuts of more than $6 billion, mostly from K-12 education, if the taxes are rejected. “

~ Chris Megerian The Los Angels Times

Here we go money talk, I was thinking about how much money these same wealthiest people recently made in donations  to presidential campaign here in California. We are talking big bucks. I have grown sick hearing from people who say “no taxes” and government rip offs. In the above statement  it clearly shows me how the government has to force people to do what is right for the children of this state. Without taxes forced on them there is no money to educate our children. I am sorry but big business and the wealthiest people would not do it any other way. A governments most important element in its power, is in its service to the people. Also to the maintenance of what is created by the people. When these services are cut or put on the lowest part of the totem pole, it is sad. Welfare, healthcare and college financial aid must never even be considered in the equation game of government cuts. These services should be held high as a responsibility by us as the people to uphold and protect over anything else. Any sane person running for the presidency would take that campaign money and give it back right now to the states that gifted it to them. They would say, “Here this is for the people… this is for K-12”. Now, that is the candidate I would vote for. We are not taking sanity anymore..

I see that government is like a fine membrane. It’s function is to protect and serve the people. Kind of like a cell membrane, when healthy all is as it should be to sustain life. Yet, when cancer strikes ‘it is what it is’ and Wall Street is not interested in serving the kids or the people or paying for cancer treatments but it does not have to be this way.

~ Seminary of the Praying Mantis : Nature Politics