KFJC 89.7 FM Flipside Radio May 1984 Tape One

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant.

Hudley Flipside

Autumnal Equinox special.

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There are many stories from THE BIG PUNK ROCK. This is just one of them. Documented and served up for your ears only.

“The box was addressed to a rented room where I lived. Once the house cleaners’ quarters and part of a large old Victorian house in Rochester New York. The box contained several copies of Flipside Fanzine and 13 cassette tapes of KFJC Radio. I guess AL Flipside felt sorry for me and mailed them.

Twenty years later the box has been with me on a long journey. In time I upgraded the cassette tapes to CDs. Then for the last 6 years the box, with CDs, was placed in a closet to mature almost as good as a grand old whiskey.”

~ Hudley Flipside about KFJC Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Radio Tape Four

Before cell phones, computers, and the internet, records were what the punks were listening to.

Scratched because they were played too much!!!

Hear the records as they came warm from the vinyl bakery.

A history of a youth gone mad and then some got older and some are dead dead dead.

The patina of punk rock, you just cannot send me away. I survived the valley of the dolls.

Put this in your punk rock nostalgia blender, then on your pizza with garlic for punishment.

It took me some time to get this all together. I am asking for a punk love offering.

“Be more than a witness.”

Here are thirteen 1-hour tapes with mostly a punk rock genre. To be shared one after the other in good time.

Hudley Flipside hosted and recorded each tape at the Flipside House in Whittier California. Flipside Radio lasted for about a years’ time. Flipside Radio includes interviews with current individuals involved with the punk rock scene when all was unique, fresh and on the cutting edge.

Lyell from KFJC was the guy that asked us. Hudley was the one to take it on. It was a peak time for punk rock and Flipside was running very fast with it.

This is a taste, a little bit of that history. Flipside Fanzine published from the late 1970s to around the beginning of the 2000s. It covered up and coming bands from the underground music scene in Los Angeles as well as internationally.

Tape One.

This is the first 60-minute recording from 1984. Right out of punk rock. Enjoy, because you just never knew who would come a knocking on our door?

An interesting article in the Los Angeles times today 11/17/2012 in the Business section.

“Hostess to go out of business”

This synchronizes with Flipside Radio which contains an interview I did with Ian MacKaye about straight edge versus eating of sweets.

Al mentions the “Twinkies defense” in so many words. Very impressive. Dan White killed San Francisco city Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone due to eating Twinkies. He became depressed (hypoglycemia). Also, one of the reasons Hostess is going out of business is because consumers are getting smart about their diets and just don’t eat Twinkies anymore.

Some 30 years ago and I win the argument today. Feels good.

A Lot more characters here too like…

Golden Voice’s Big Frank and Punk Photographer Glen E. Friedman.

“Tape One track one and two… original cassette tape converted into a CD and upgraded to here… all taken from original cutting edge punk rock records (songs) owned by Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine…. for free promotion and review. 62: 30 minutes with Tape One: OHL opens with Verbrannte Erde. Mini Interview with (Minor Threat / Ian MacKaye, The Faith / Alec MacKaye and Glen E. Friedman/ Photographer Al Flipside is on this tape and Big Frank from Golden Voice,) Eddie & The Subtitles, GBH, Wire Pink Flag, Live Flipside Video with Toxic Reasons and reading of Kahlil Gibran the theme song Valley of the Dolls and much more. Thanks….”


Flipside Radio Hosted By Hudley Flipside

Tape One Track One May 28 1984


Flipside Radio Hosted By Hudley Flipside

Tape One Track Two May 28 1984

Until next time Flipside Radio Tape Two to follow…

Minor Threat,The Beatles & Straight Edge~Twinkies or potato chips.

This is an embellished non-fiction memory. I am always open to comments that differ from my memories. The 80s went by fast and so much happened; besides there were countless bands we dealt with on a constant basis… my mind does play tricks on me.


A lot of talk about the Beatles these days. I walk around it because I am not interested. Yet occasionally I get drawn in and that is OK. This is the last eventful experience I had about the Beatles.

Before the 1970s in Middle School when my boyfriend spray painted on a bungalow wall near my locker… these lyrics.

“Black, white, green, red, Can I take my friend to bed? Pink, brown, yellow, orange, and blue, I love you.”

Humongous as it was on the wall and in my life…

All this is my way of indirectly sharing currently in this strange Beatles narrative. At the time in the 1980s the Beatles seemed so far away from my lived experience. Now both Ian and the Beatles seem so far away from my lived experience. I can patronize them both now and so be it. I am older, wiser, and forward moving now… yet I still enjoy their eternally youthful songs, every now and then, and all together now!

001 - Copy (3)
Flipside Issue # 34

When I think about the few times the Minor Threat/ Dischord boys came to visit the Flipside house, I think about how they were, such as the color of Ian’s eyes while waiting in their traveling Van. The waves crashing as we sat there not speaking. Everyone else was surfing and yes, they are a beautiful blue.  The boys, wanted to go surf with Al. Maybe I smile at the debates we had over being Straight Edge. Yes, they were Straight Edge, but the van was filled with wrappers from terrible sweets like Twinkies and cans from drinking soda. Salty potatoes chips too. I was not Straight Edge because I like to drink beer. I stressed that this did not stop me from my goals or my path but eating sweets and drinking soda would kill me. We debated about crazy stuff like that.

So much time has passed, and memories come and go but what I am sharing today is a funny piece of punk rock history.

I knew that Ian MacKaye liked the Beatles. I sent him some stationary that I made up just for him. I forgot about it. A year or so later he sent me this letter with this check. I kept it all these years in a journal. I wonder if Dischord Records or Al would mind if I cash it now?

(based on my memory…some of it may be embellished by events that are merged together…  Fugazi guys…. kind of like Twinkies or potato chips)

I wish all of us old punks stood by each other.. sadly this is not always the case..