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The angry woman returns for a movements time…I love my trophy whore galore..

Cartton KultI have found errors and misspellings in the best uptown literally editorialized to the hundredth degree books, and I have witnessed perfection, on the streets, where a simple little hand-made fanzine was given to me.  I’ve been near editors that egos are so big that I sweat-back-from-putting-my-fist -in-their-faces, and those that say nothing and let me learn on my own accord; by example. I’ve witnessed professors telling me not to do this and that, when the author that they love so much does the very same thing.  Writing is a very deductive or inductive thing. It can be self-learned and with the help of a reflective, talented and insightful editor be a wonderful process of storytelling.  Writing does not define a person… it is just story telling. I just wish some of these writing critics would get off their high horses and realize they have big butts anyway….Write and write some more or not.