Egg sandwich

Everything but the kitchen sink, Sister Sallie and I use to get together and make egg sandwiches, coffee and talk.


Mom use to hum in the kitchen, in the bathroom dad sang his little jazz hum. Once in the mist of hospital unconsciousness, he broke out in one of his heart warming songs, bringing back a little security of youth. Now youngest son complains about my humming; like a bird, cricket, cocka doodle do or yanky doodle dandy!!

This humming took me over about 3 months ago during times or moments of contentment while working. Yet, it has caused some problems in my little honey home.  When son is studying I hear,

“Mom, you’re doing it again!”

I am guilty of this and I try to stop, yet it is almost impossible. So see, even though I was just as irritated by my mom’s and dad’s humming as my son is of mine, I tell him this,

“Little dude, humming means mama is happy baby. You should be happy that mama is happy!!”

In conclusion I’ve been waiting many years… I think I am finally going to go out and buy some darn Doc Martens…mine will be green!!

The song below is my Doc Martens song….this has been a self-fashioning and self-styling statement


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