vulvamony tango

“Frankly I find smoking a Sherman a very pleasant addiction that we acquired via human beings…male, female…whatever gender… in the future you all will be self producing androgynous beings like us… we have no perky nipples ..only staring eyes…” An assumption by Hudley via the character / aliens imagined by someone else… ~ Tralfamadorians.

I am still lost in the debate over why men have nipples… it seems to me we need to put down our margaritas, martinis, coca-cola, multivitamin shakes, macrobiotic drinks or simple water…put down our cigarettes, marijuana, multi colored Nat Shermans, cigars and bubblegum; take each other’s hand and dance the tango…but please don’t ask me to give a testimony in court because I have no testicles to make such a swear… I will take an androgynous vulvamony… anyway… I am still lost in the debate of why men have perky nipples!!

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