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The Mantis Pledge at dusk 2013

Mantis Pledge

Flopside Comics be more than an asshole

Mantis’s August rendezvous

Big Ma Ma golden Mantis is my love of nature and she knows me!!

Big Ma Ma golden Mantis is my love for nature and she knows me!!

August is slow and not one praying mantis have come to visit me; every August I wait for Big Ma Ma golden Mantis to come visit me after laying her egg sack. (This is in case you don’t already know this… dear reader).

“Goodbye until we meet again in Spring…sweet autumn is near.”  Is what she always seems to tell me.

Today the outside sewer drainage pipe ran over and the bowels of hell came forth. I rolled up my pants and got to work cleaning. The rubber pipe outside is under the Praying Mantis tree with purple flowers. I called Mr. Faucetman to drill the sewer line. I don’t think Lance is going to fit under this tree. So after shoveling, digging and cleaning, I trimmed the tree back. I was very careful to look for any praying mantis. I also went to Home Depot to get some tree truck mulch to put around the pipe and two trees close by; covering anything left and to also cover some tree roots. I like how it gives my front yard a manicured, earthy and fresh look.

I then looked down and my heart skipped a beat because I saw her on a small ash tree weed. I showed her my hand and she slowly approached and walked up on it. Then I put her up on a solid branch from her tree….she was so close to her place that I had recently disturbed.

She posed and looked my way.


Metamorphosis takes aeons, generations and sometimes within the proper cyclical season.


All around me I feel the invisible walls. Maybe a cell membrane that holds me in. It is a cocoon. The darkness melts my body and whispers stories of weeping, hate and betrayal.  As the full moon ascends on the horizon I feel the depth and heat of her breath as she addresses me. She is dark and hides the light. This is the process of metamorphosis.  Living in the patriarchal world this process is out-right ignored.  Yet, women throughout history know it well, for those of  us who pass through it. I am not talking about the happy, good, rise-above women who act as if in a dysfunctional relationship to men. I am talking about the women who hold owls, serpents and insects.  The mermaids and sirens that men can not violate or listen to.  Women bear up children, and mysteries, that are not meant for the souls of men. Women hold within them those freaky looking, metamorphosis looking, creatures in their wombs. Tadpoles, tails and big heads swim in the hot environment.

Asleep she was drawn to the being-0f-light outside the open window; upon the wall of the old garage converted into a boy’s room.

“Come with me there has been an airplane crash.”

She flew and followed the being-of-light over the valley. They both whipped through the air. They were swimming through the air. Her belly felt as if riding on a swing.

“That does not look like an airplane crash,” she said.

The fire and flames turned into a spacecraft. There was a large door. It opened and there before her and the-being-of-light was a small little grey-being with elaborate clothing.  Not a word was spoken but a beam of light, as a razor beam, focused from the little grey-being to her.

“What is this?  All these images are pouring into my brain. Symbols, numbers on and on they go… I cannot handle this…I think I will implode.”

She then noticed the beam of light stop. It was over.

The being-of- light flew her back to where she was sleeping.

The weight of the world for the mantis species !!

Who needs to use chemicals, poisons or pesticides when you have us in the garden … there is absolutely no reason too… I go after, too many, crickets, aphids, black widows, and termites. I keep things in balance.  Yes, sometimes I get a little greedy and go after a butterfly… but I am your comrade: your friend of the garden… and sometimes on tall buildings in the city I am one with superman….





This is the Praying Mantis theme song.

Mantis face

but It can hale true!

I listen to a diversity of songs all the time. What I like best about songs are when they talk to me. I talk with them so why not them with me. I use them in my posting as highlighters to accentuate the theme of my postings. If you trip through my musical posting they will tell you a story… oh my I revealed myself again. I think you can do this with most writers. When songs talk to you it is important. I call it synchronicity listening. At the appropriate time a song comes forth and you know it’s talking to you. Why, you must think about it to find the answer: not take it lightly, it has meaning. One song that did this recently is Can You Hear My Love Buzz.  It was years ago when I first heard it. Nirvana brought it back from the dead. A band named Shocking Blue created the original recording of this song. I like both but prefer the original. I like the depth of Mariska Veres vocal style.  It sounds like the dark Goddess graphing me by the heart into the underworld. I feel this song is about the power and even imperfection of love and the overwhelming seduction and abuse of it, but It can hale true!


 I posted the song on my Facebook a few days back. Then I went out to the local pub and a friendly DJ played the song as soon as I drank my first pint. Stunned, I felt the hairs on my back go up. I realize that stepping out for the night was a good thing. We were meant to be where we were at that time and place in history. With so many opportunities available at the time, so much going on with old and new friends it was the place to be. Life in general was being shady. I realized when the song played that life is a real bitch sometimes, but I am loved and being taken care of gracefully.

I love songs!!! This is my Praying Mantis theme song.

Autumnis Mantis

Outside of our french windows is a trellis over the patio.  Across from this we have a pool fence. We put it up when the children were small for their protection. It is now a place for Praying Mantis. When the spring comes and the baby mantis break their egg sack, hundreds of babies run along the claw proof dark plastic mesh.

The first days of autumn brings me a great visitor; a big mama mantis on the pool fence. This is very odd in the middle of the day with the sun overhead. We watched her wobble about. Her back-end is quite large. She shock many times as she moved using her long legs to balance her weight. I then decided to move her.  I usual do not interfere with nature. She is big and it took five months for her to get this size. I am sure she can take care of herself…but I love her so, and did not want to see her devoured by a cat. Some would see this as equal punishment for the many creatures she sucked the life force from. I do not judge nature.

I put my hand and arm out to her. She looked round at me with her large yellow-green eyes. The end of her spider legs reached out grasping the hairs on my arm like cactus hairs, pulling her towards me. She was aboard me. Quickly she ran to my right shoulder than the left shoulder. Then she was on my head. I felt her weight on my neck and she tickled me. I laughed out loud. Walking slowly towards the trellis I rest my head on the vines and flowers. It did not take long for her to skip jump up to a branch. Now, she was almost camouflaged from my gazing green eyes.  Later in the day she was gone from this spot. In my heart I knew she was nearby.

The Praying Mantis Mandala

The Praying Mantis Mandala


The symbol of Praying Mantis when having sex is not what you may think!!

Watercolor by Hudley

People seem to focus on the probability of the female Praying Mantis biting off the head of her mate while engaged in sex. This may or may not be true. Does anyone go beyond this?

The real focus is on the sacrifice of the male. One male one female then impregnation…then comes the egg sack. Glory be because then comes the next generation of thousands of perfect little baby Praying Mantis.

Why is it that no one talks about the Big Mama Praying Mantis dying after laying her egg sack? Statistically males that do not mate continue to go on to have a much longer lifespan then the female. The reproductive cycle of the Praying Mantis is what it is, but it is not just the male that sacrifices his life… so does the female!! In fact they both do!!

Symbolically it is a very awesome analogy and the archetype of family.

In general we do what we must to continue the life cycle. Luckily for human beings it is not as dramatic as in the life cycle of the Praying Mantis. I find it is best described from a Jungian perspective.

The magic causality or serendipity of Praying Mantis.

The Praying Mantis is a wondrous creature of nature and like nature is primal in understanding… if we choose to!

~ fin