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Mr. Fuck Gets Connubial





Mr. Fuck’s Fucking Summer 2014


 Have you ever experienced an Aqua Fart?


Flopside Comics : Sickholy Friday Easter flashback


While the Fuck family was sitting around the table wondering if they would be doing easter eggs this year, and wondering who would be the bunny to hand out the candy, a comic good friday flashback came to Mr. Shit’s mind. He has punkarama dementia and is not on the up and up.

“I think JESUS followed in his mama’s footsteps!!”

“Oh really, ” said Mr Pee Wee Gutter?

“Maybe so,” said Mr. Crap !!

“He may have a fucking point. Heysus was not a cabinet-maker like his dad. He had a whole bunch of dames following him around and paying his experiences too,” said Mr. Pee Wee Gutter!!

“This goes against my belief system dudes. I refuse to be the bunny,” said Bloody Elbows.

Then Mr. Fuck picked up a book he found in the trash a few days earlier.

“I read in this book that Heysus was a good cook. He liked to barbecue all sorts of fish for his fucking buddies and did free poetry readings!”


“Remember to be more than an asshole….Flopside comis suck and so do you!!”

glorious reverence !

Today I heard a friend describe another friend as Lame and Stupid… now at Flopside Comics this is a holy fucking royal term that is to be honored with glorious reverence !! Here we all have it tattooed on our butts and since this is the case…we will not show it. But it is there just the same…

A happy after fucking valentines day toast …

To the Lame and Stupid…!!

Mr Fucking Blue ..





Humulus Lupulus day!


Mr. Fuck and STONE RUINATION… have a happy fucking Valentines day !!

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Post a Joke

Light Bulby Baby

The portable tape recorder was the thing to have at 12 years old. We would record stories, laughing and of course Dial A Joke. I think it cost our folks about 10 cents a phone call back in the early 70s. The jokes were always stupid, funny and a little nasty. This is Post a Joke via Flopside comics.

Mr. Fuck felt it was important to bring back the nasty humor.

Mr. Shit did not think the joke was funny at all.

Mr. Crap got a big smile on his face.

The rest of the Flopside Comics family were too busy watching Clint Eastwood films to care much…



Life: It is about the gift not the package it comes in.  ~Dennis P. Costea, Jr.

He is the ultimate trophy whore too!!

Mr. Fuck does not bowl, play football, kickass in soccer or shoot the moon…he is a poseur for the dames!!


Double Arrogant Bastard with Santa…


‘Twas the fucking night

Before a fucking glorious and righteous holiday…

And all through the fucking dump

Not a fucking creature was fucking stirring

Not even a fucking rat…

The cigarette butts lined up with no care

In hopes that his fucking lighter

Would instantly light the butts there…

Squatting in a cardboard fucking box

Cozy and warm…


What to his fucking ears

Did he hear?

But a sound of a drunken Santa

Walking down his alley

With a couple of glass-tinkling beers…

“Hey Santa could your spare

This old fucking punk a drink?”

“Yes sir I’ve two left…”

SO they stood in the alley

Fucking Santa wobbling a lot

Mr. Fuck laughing

The beers he fucking drank up…

Then he put Santa in a Taxi

Sending him home to his fucking Penthouse apartment …

Waving good-bye out the back taxi window… Santa yelled,

“Fucking merry glorious and righteous holiday to all!!!

Bitchin’ and out-of-sight!!



Brother butt is it art?

Flopside COmics

Art Class

I remember one day waiting for the stores to open. I was parked in-front of an Art Store. I knew the joint was closed but watched a guy go up to the door and pull on it. Before he did this he tossed his cigarette butt to the ground. Once he found out the place was closed he went looking for it on the dirty asphalt jungle street. I watched as he looked for it, found it and picked it up. It was still hot and he walked away smoking it. This image is inspired by the man and the cigarette butt…glory hallelujah!!

Butt is it art?

Butt is it art?

comic relief…

He was inspired today..

Mr. Fucks Art Project...

Mr. Fuck’s Art Project…inspired by some laughing kids drawing nasty fingers..

It’s so cute!!

I heard the kids laughing in the other room around the kitchen table. Then Mr. Fuck showed me the paper. My son drew a hand giving the finger. The kids were having a laugh over silly things. Anyways…Mr. Fuck was so inspired that he did his very first Art Project. He said,

“This is something we all do now and then. Almost as much as picking our nose… ”

He may take an art class… the music added by a kid.