One can view the original BAUBO PROTAGONIST in the collection of art on-line via Super-Sheroes. Below is the second and the third is on the way. Thanks goes to Flopside Comics and Mr. Fuck who is my all time muse and general asshole… and to the Hags!


It is a good thing to have the opportunity to be supported in this way. Take a view and have some fun.

Logo protagonist copy

Sick comics being or traded in bulk?

ritualistic gesture

Now being presented: The Haggus Society, Edges and Curves July 1 – Sept. 30, 2015

As a ritualistic gesture eating ones power animal, or totem, is practiced globally around the world. I won’t even go down the pew aisle of what the body and blood of Christ is all about. It is an act that empowers us. At church, in the amazon jungle or …wherever the unconscious and the conscious  dance that voodoo dance.

Over the years I have done this dance with the Praying Mantis. In a dream I had, there was a bowl of sweet and sour praying mantis soup. Ingesting my totem is ingesting into my conscious mind …my unconscious. I bet that makes you feel like you’re upside down under water. Praying Mantis teaches me about life, death and rebirth. She teaches me about love and the continuity of life. She shows me that family and friends are not as dependable as the sun in the sky or the pattern of the cosmos. Standing tall and silent is a power gesture of her power and I make it my power. Praying Mantis is a beautiful nature colored creature. This art piece is my expression through art of my dream. I used things around the house and the computer to create the piece; cardboard, acrylic, watercolor / photo shop, printer via the computer. Four golden buttons from my mothers collection; items that I touch and use every day. Embracing around the piece is a dark green handmade Paper Mache’ frame made from recycled paper. I like to compose and then compress a lot of information into my essays and art that brings forth an archetype, myth or a thread for the possibility of  communication between our mysterious collective unconscious.

A Wise Art Calling…

Rose and Mantis
Mantis and a rose…by Hudley

While stumbling in the dust particles of the massive art world. I fell over my broom while sweeping the vastness of art callings. The Haggus Society inspired me to toss over a story, some images and a Baubo Protagonist to an interesting woman curator named J Row.  Take a look if you dare. Laugh if you want, but please just sit back dammit… and easily enjoy another perspective on the art of life… extraordinarily.

Jessica Row

Artist Stories

Vagina Project

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The Haggus Society

Pushing the envelope !!

A sturdy flower. By Hudley

Late Evening October 11, 2014.

“By giving death to yourself as Mother, you claimed all of yourself. It is time to share that vision, to name yourself publicly, Crone, woman of wholeness…” Susun S. Weed


The car moved fast through the freeway traffic. My foot to the pedal, the car swiftly changed lanes. Rays of light ricocheted off my rear-view mirror like bullets. Alone on the freeway interchange, my mind focused on where I came from, and where I was going to. Alone in the dark night, walking dark streets and meeting new friends. Engaging in risk taking and it’s known vulnerabilities often ignored by friends. Mom would have never done this!

Of all the times I’ve taken risks in the past, supporting and promoting bands, tonight is one of the most fulfilling for me. These older women engaged in risk taking, promoting their art; these women who worked and helped others… now they stop…now they pivot and move into a new world of their own passions.

“I am struck by the fact that more than 50 million women will have achieved menopause by 2013~ Susun S. Weed

I tip-toed around the Haggus Society for a long time. Observing with a turned face, as most praying mantes do. As I listened intuitively to what images came forth, what inspirations spoke to me?

“We believe we have something unlike other art collectives-focusing our support on multifaceted older women who are activists, thinkers, and creative risk takers. Pushing the envelope is what we do for exercise.” ~ The Haggus Society

Yes! After tears and laughter I realize…I know I must contribute. After breaking free, finally, from the repressive underworld of a shattered chrysalis, I reach my hands out from side to side. Wide, strong, and ready to embrace something new. I am reaching past the often pretentious membranes of other art collectives. Joy! I am participating in something meaningful and current. It is alive and growing !! Besides…


“Pushing the envelope is what we do for exercise.”

“Plan B” Haggus Society opening reception as artists mingle. October 11th 2014.
Arts and Culture in the Northeast of Los Angeles


“Plan B” Art Exhibit

Sunflower Soul ( Debra Louise Owns )

Haggus Society Art Exhibit “Plan B”

October 1 – December 30, 2014

Opening Reception October 11

6 – 9 PM

Participating Artists

Karen Joy

Liz Huston

Nina Koumachian Ehlig

Jorge Bernal

Joanne Adams

Hudley Flipside

I am presenting for purchase four watercolor paintings:

1. Cromemantis


Life, death and rebirth is what the Praying Mantis teaches me. We have formed a relationship over the years. Each year in my garden the many small perfectly formed baby mantis come to my garden each spring. The mantis matures through the summer months. In August the big golden green mama mantis lays her egg sack. Then she dies. The continuity of life comes forth again next spring. In this watercolor painting I capture the essence of Cronemantis’s charm and beauty. She shows off her wings in the glow of moon phases within her flower garden.

2. Sunflower Soul

The sunflower symbolically represents the soul or solar plexus. The harvest time of experience and adventure. Pomegranates balance out this watercolor painting with the memories of youth and fun at the end of summer. Heading to the hill to pull the fruit from the trees to eat the jeweled sweets.

3. Praying Mantis Mandala

Praying Mantis Mandala

The colors in this watercolor painting blends colors of flowers and the Praying Mantis. This symbolizes my reverence for nature.

4. Baubo Protagonist

BAUBO PROTAGONSIT by Hudley FLipside 7 20 2014

Baubo’s myth and archetypal archaic knowledge is symbolically shared in this cartoon magazine cover. A new twist on Flower Power. When Demeter lost her daughter Persephone to the underworld she is deep in grief. It is Demeter’s maid servant that pulls up her skirt exposing herself. Naked below, Baubo, made Demeter laugh. Baubo Protagonist transforms! As a woman, as a flower pollinating humanity with the thoughts of equality and love. Men are transformed by her mighty power!! She is awesome glorious in her nakedness! Lampoonery!! A Flopside Comic production.