He was inspired today..

Mr. Fucks Art Project...
Mr. Fuck’s Art Project…inspired by some laughing kids drawing nasty fingers..

It’s so cute!!

I heard the kids laughing in the other room around the kitchen table. Then Mr. Fuck showed me the paper. My son drew a hand giving the finger. The kids were having a laugh over silly things. Anyways…Mr. Fuck was so inspired that he did his very first Art Project. He said,

“This is something we all do now and then. Almost as much as picking our nose… ”

He may take an art class… the music added by a kid.

Ya think?


But we should realize that both the alcoholic and the bodhisattva are yearning for (and with the bodhisattva actually working for) a situation in which individual egos are not separate. ~ Tim Lyons

Unicursal Hexagram

Any sign, symbol, or shape that can be drawn in one continuous line without the pen leaving the paper.

unicursal-hexagramImage by Alexister Crowley

The pentagram is the emblem of the divine Feminine. In the instance the star secreted with the rose balances an inverted pentagram that can imply the superiority of matter over spirit or, the need to be able to face the darkness in order to understand the light. ~ The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols by Adele Nozedar  Pg. 132

They help me to understand…

The mature Praying Mantis
The mature Praying Mantis

I have never had a real person out-there mentor. My mentors have always been from books published by people long ago demised as William Blake or Carl Jung. When I read their work, it is not in a way as if to own it or to be an expert about their works. When I read their works, and see the images they have created, it is if they are here with me, beyond space and time showing me things.


They help me to affirm what I know and support my experiences. They are my mentors in this life. They show me the big picture and they teach me, they still do, about how to live in this world. They show me how to use my imagination and to share what I have created. They help me understand power, strength, and insight. I have learned to love contradiction, humor, and metaphor. I have found bliss in creating mandalas, water-colors and grasping the hands of nature.

They help me to befriend the fears of my shadow, and so far, have always led me back to the light. I love them and I am not alone in this sometimes strange and dangerous world. The most important thing that they both have in common is that Blake and Jung show me that to be unique is brilliance. Also, we as humans shouldn’t strive for this without its complementary and sometimes contrary opposite, which is to learn to be alike and the same as the most common and mundane.

Athena, Minerva and Queen Hecate also a Goddess of Wisdom

“She is more at home on the fringes than in the center of Greek polytheism. Intrinsically ambivalent and polymorphous, she straddles conventional boundaries and eludes definition.”

Hornblower, Simon; Spawforth, Antony, eds. (1996). The Oxford Classical Dictionary (Third ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. p. 671. ISBN 0-19-866172

One of my best watercolors…

I keep this in my bedroom… art is meditation for me… and I try to grasp the essence of what the flower projects to me.. and then at my skill level I draw and paint… this one gives me great joy!!! My goal is to someday make my own frames for all of my water colors… Paper Mache frames maybe?

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Covers from 1979 to 1989.

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Happy Birthday Woody Guthrie: His mother taught him the gift of writing Ballads !

To the ballads and the

contributions to music…

consciousness in politics

Scotch Irish American

Happy Birthday…100 years!!

We need more characters like this man!