Age, shadow and beauty

His beauty was notable even in a province where the lack of it is more exceptional in a young man. It was the sort of beauty that is celebrated by the heroic male sculptures in the fountains of Rome. Two things disguised it a little, the dreadful poverty of his clothes and his stealth of manner. The only decent garment he wore was a black overcoat which was too small for his body. Its collar exposed a triangle of bare ivory flesh; no evidence of a shirt. The trouser-cuffs were coming to pieces. Naked feet showed through enormous gaps in his shoe leather. He seemed to want to escape the attention which his beauty invited, for whenever he caught a glance he turned aside from it. He kept his head lowered and his body hunched slightly forward. And yet he had an air of alertness. The tension of his figure suggested that he was continually upon the verge of raising his voice or an arm in some kind of urgent call or salutation.

~Williams, Tennessee. The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (New Directions Bibelot) (Kindle Locations 22-24). New Directions. Kindle Edition.

Rendering of Flowers, lemon and Turkish Tea Pot… to be water colored soon by Hudley


Tennessee Williams wrote only two novels, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1950, adapted into a film in 1961, and again in 2003) and Moise and the World of Reason (1975) I have watched the 1961 film several times. Haunted by the film as many are, I had to read the novel to answer some questions that I have. So, the above quote is so beautifully tragic that I am taken to my youth and my world now as a senior citizen. Yet, the description above reminds me of the many young beauty punks I knew in my youthful years. I think, or should I say know… describes what I feel and saw back then. So perfect…. A door to a writer an education by him… what joy I feel. The right time and place to understand where I can alchemise his magic… a balancing of love and disdain I am sure.

Leather Jacket bye bye !!

It never was mine, really. This mature Leather Jacket is ready for something different. I moved it around over the last thirty years. I embellished it throughout the early 1980s with the bands that inspired me. Something new is in the air. Time to be an organizer and let go of this Jacket. The kids played in it.  I grieved over it, those youthful days of punk rock glory. Now my big kids play new games. I am no longer pulled by a nostalgia of what was but live in the present. I am trying real hard too!!

All the things I need to create a letting go party,
Flipside stickers found in a pocket. Must have been there some thirty years??
My farewell picture with a bottle of beer.
All rolled up with green bubble bag. Put in a box for mailing.
Acrylic paint and recycled cardboard for the Leather Jacket Biography Book.
Book complete for mailing in the box with the Leather Jacket.
Green praying mantis stencil hides in the dark acrylic paint.


1981 punk shot

I am cleaning up and organizing all my stuff from 5 different places into a few plastic containers. Pictures, art, writing and miscellaneous important stuff. The Punk Rock stuff goes somewhere special too. Here is a miscellaneous punk shot from 1981… we had a multitude of images like this in the Flipside office. Along with a multitude of T-shirts,  I should have saved them all.

Well here is one image.

1981 Hudley
Dead Cities EURO-Tour 1981

Eternally Youthful


When I dress up as a Jester, Holy Fool, or Evil Cenobite. I represent something cosmic in ether and brilliance of humor, contemplation or buffoonery!
I am the evil side of shadowy seduction as the succubus. I love it!
I become youthfully sparkled and my reflection is so.
I say to myself,
“Is that me in the mirror?”
For a short time I wandered into the world of Never-Neverland and my comrade is Peter Pan or Puck from a Midsummer Night’s Dream.
I may walk into the underworld where Pluto escorts me.
I am eternally youthfully and playful,
I love this.
If I could do this as a living and join the circus or a group of wandering bards,
I would!
Yes, I would…
But alas,
I take off my costume of creativity of cosmic proportions,
sliding  into my bed in the wee morning,
I awake to the smell of coffee and…
my mortality!!


Punk Museum with Martin Atikins. This evening was NOT on Valentines Day

Photo By Hudley Flipside

Welcome to the Music business you’re fucked!

Synchromatic antidotes of his journey reflect what I have been wondering about for some time because they are very much based on synchronicity, music and culture. Yet, this does not surprise me. My antenna is up and I am digging it!!

It is an adventure to go downtown to help at the Punk Museum at KGB Studios. This evening was on Valentine’s Day and I was thrilled to listen to Martin Atikins speak about his life. Considered for his post-punk drumming experience with Public Image he has a lot more experiences to inform us on. His concepts and theories about punk rock are quite amusing and intellectually satisfying. His gentle ways mixed with the word “Fuck” are nice touches amongst his many stories. If you happen to take his picture, he has his stanch down hard, which is bent over with an upturned glare.

one from my generation that still projects the rebellious spark and is still affirming it. 

This is the look of confrontation and knowing which reveals a lot about his character and reflects what the hell he is all about. I did not feel any pretentious qualities in his presence. He was easy, accessible and most likely a very excellent teacher. It inspires me to meet up with such a man as he, one from my generation that still projects the rebellious spark and is still affirming it.  People talk about 2012 being the end of the world; instead I feel it is a time where many will go back to more Intimate relationships and basic communications. Tonight is an example of this and I was glad to be part of it.


Fear Issue # 16

Flipside # 16

This is the first issue I worked on. This is called the “fear” issue. The cover was put together by Al Flipside and myself and also initiated my place as a staph writer for the fanzine.

This is the first issue I worked on. This is called the “fear” issue. The cover was put together by Al Flipside and myself and also initiated my place as a staph writer for the fanzine.

Flipside # 16