aimless shadow words


My mind challenges me all the time. It is an endless crematorium of my accomplishments or desires to create. I must say it is a blessing that something else, inside me, does not listen to these aimless shadow words. No matter how dark the shadow appears, I ascend to the light of the occasion to create. This time of year always seems to amplify the worst of the worst anyway. The longest day and the shortest night, seems ironically off.

Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and the full moon come along to celebrate tonight’s summer solstice this year.  I have taken out a book, I have had a long time, and have started reading it again. Dimensions by Jacques Vallee. I post about him from time to time. He has whisked me away to so many other books. As a scientist he is also creative and intuitive.  His perspective on tradition, folklore and UFOs always amazes me. With the many questions, alone, I have on these subjects, he alone, answers them; intense to say the least.

Proposition 1: The behavior of a superior race would not necessarily appear purposeful to a human observer. Scientists who brush aside UFO reports because “obviously intelligent visitors would not behave like that” simply have not given serious thought to the problem of nonhuman intelligence. Observation and deduction agree, in fact, that the organized action of a superior race must appear absurd to the inferior one…” Pg. 167. 

I also like how he blends in the conversation of psychic and mystical with the UFO experience. Also that historically, this is a long going tradition that must not be ignored and viewed only scientifically.  Knocks at the door when no one is there, lost time and space, and strange dreams are, in fact, nothing new. This all has been written about for a damn long time. Many traditions that go back for generations. As Jacques Vallee points out, “Ones that must not be forgotten or they die forever.”

So tonight, as I look into the night sky and see the wondrous lights there,  I am thankful for this consistency and the mystery; within the darkness there is light!

Shape Up or Ship Out : Clean and Gold

This time of the year, as we dance from spring to summer or summer to autumn or autumn to winter… or winter into spring…

is a challenging time for all humanity and nature.

The dusk brings the whispering of angry tongues and betrayal. I see the attack of a giant pornographic immorality in advertisement and from politicians’ mouths.

The world seems to be on the way of being shipped out!

Yet this is just my shadow speaking to me and maybe it is amplified with other shadows lurking and flying in the dark.

We cannot “ship it out” we need to look at it, 

Yell at it and understand those parts of ourselves that we do not like.

 We might try to do what the ancient mysteries tell us to do?

 It is all about transmuting base metals into gold.

Cleaning out the bomb shelter..2013

This is the best time of the year to take inventory of one’s personality traits; also known as character and attributes. Ancient mysteries speak of the mystic marriage at the summer solstice. Parsifal and the Holy Grail and Arthurian legends speak of these times. It really all comes down to character. The Rosicrucian’s state “character is destiny.”

Carl Jung speaks of individuation. This is when we combine” being alike” with “being unique;” being an extrovert with being an introvert! The marriage is a joining of the feminine and masculine too where the result is androgynous “ising.” This is an ongoing motif in all cultures.

The quote “shape up or ship out” smells of duality; It might be more reflective to say as Native Americans call it “the great give away” or how I was brought up doing “spring” cleaning.

The Sumer goddess Inanna is torn apart in the underworld and then comes together again before she ascends into the heavens to be with her lover and king: The mystic marriage once more.

The personality traits we do not like in ourselves are only our shadow. If we listen to our shadow, we can befriend it “invite the devil to tea” and grow more authentically.

Can we become stuck in the duel with our shadowy self where egotism, hate, narcissistic tendencies, and uncaring controls us like a puppet. You bet. We are all part of this living drama.

If one is to brighten their character one can look to others, they admire. A friend of mine who I admire posted this quote on Facebook today.

“You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.” ~ Charles Bukowski

I do not like Charles Bukowski because he reminds me of my drunken’ dad but I acknowledge the wise words that he has learned through much suffering. I prefer this quote about character building,

“Tell your friends everything. Give away your secrets. “Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”  ~ Allen Ginsberg

For me it is about; am I being humble or arrogant, conceited or ego-eccentric? Am I achieving social independence or am I pulled into the realm of social approval? Can I be trusting, or do I listen to the green-eyed monster of suspicion?


Guess which film this is from?

All about Personality traits.

…as women in the punk scene… …

I find that often men tend to break my pace. They call me names and belittle me…not all of them just a few, yet those same ones are afraid of me, so they only belittle themselves…

Still this song is in the heart of me and “my pace” in life,

Happy summer solstice