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Jean’s Sour Cream Beans

DSC_0014There was a woman in my mother’s life. A girlfriend to her father. She was mentioned now and then, if only indirectly. This woman had a big influence in my life as well. My maternal grandmother died when my mother was young. Later came Jean who was my grandfather’s long time girlfriend. They never married. I can see that Jean had a good deal of womanly feminine influences on my mother. I know Jean loved yellow roses. One day I went to visit mom and I brought her some yellow roses. Mom said,

“Jean loved Yellow roses…I was just thinking of her today honey!”

It is true,,, mom and I always had an intuitive relationship. Maybe I was not as feminine or a shape dresser like she was; and maybe I preferred not to iron my clothes like my mother did…yet, we always had a intuitively close relationship. Her sense of sight and smell was fantastic, as is mine. Her creative genius is her gift to me, Her family was the focus of her life. She was fair but  somewhat biased towards the men in her life. Mom loved to cook and she ate with two hands… but only sometimes.

Jean’s Sour Cream Beans is a family recipe passed down to my mom via Jean. It was always served on Easter. Those wild days when relatives visited just to get a taste; porker, sports and ham aside.

I often break some family traditions. I am sharing this today because it is so good. We had it yesterday and I am eating the leftovers from yesterday’s Easter dinner right now as I type.

Easter is about sharing the best that one has to share… and this is one of mine.

Jean’s Beans

1/2 butter melted

Mix this together with…

1 pint sour cream

5 heaping tablespoons pure maple syrup

3 heaping teaspoons Colman’s English dry mustard.

1 LB.. dry baby Lima beans. Salt the water beans soak in and soak over night. Then par boil 20 to 30 minutes. Drain beans and mix together with sour cream mixture.

Bake uncovered two hours or until done in a 200 degree oven, stir occasionally during the cooking.

Now is the season of the peach blossoms


Stencil watercolor by Hudley

Walking into the darkened tomb of betrayals and the unforgiven. Sweeping the dust around of promises from yesterdays hopes; she looks out an ancient window and sees a vast wasteland. A sudden light arches by that is pink and vibrating with warmth and rhythm. A stage, a balance machine and a strange God comes forth out of peach blossoms of light. Family, friends and enemies march by as their hearts are weighed.

Falling back she is alone again and as the tomb transforms into another place something is downloaded into her body… in a knowing way,

” See this three-dimensional brain from every perspective.  Thinking, perceiving and judging; within the mind is vast knowledge. The tomb that houses this great brain is humbled, but greater still is the thing that pushed the blood and gives one aspirations of life and love. Vastly superior when known and awoken. Hail to the heart!”


Spell 30

For not letting N’s Heart create opposition against him in the realm of the dead

image  O my heart which I had from my mother, O my heart which I had upon earth, do not rise up against me as a witness in the presence of the Lord of Things; do not speak against me concerning what I have done, do not bring up anything against me in the presence of the Great God, Lord of the West.

image  Hail to you, my heart! Hail to you, my heart! Hail to you my entails! Hail to you, you gods who are at the head of those who wear the sidekick, who lean on their staffs! May you say what is good to Re, may you make me to flourish, may powers be bestowed when I go forth, having been interred amount the great ones who long endure upon earth.
Not dying in the west, but becoming a spirit in it.
~ Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

Attribution to the Dead and their whispers of life !

Hudley color sketch of flowers

Hudley Art

 Having a romp with your man the night before, and driving on a foggy morning the next day while listening to Jazz; takes orgasm to a whole new level!!

Time can be very strategic!! Life more precious as loved ones fade into the dark unknown. Courting the underworld and also that dark place of the analytical mind, I have found insight into something more. This time of the year screams this depth, scratching at my emotions while confronting me with nothing, a non-caring pain. This time of the year as dusk approaches even the smile of my child, the purring of cats seem to fade into a realm existential of the unreal and profound.
I am about to read The Seven Sermons to the Dead by Carl Jung~ attribution to Basilides. I have prepared for my journey for months with complementary books. I recently received The Red Book as a gift and this will add to my reflective study.

The Apostle said, ‘I lived without a law once,’ that is, before I came into this body, I lived in such a form of body as was not under a law, that of a beast namely, or a bird.[15]

My parents never really looked at death though they are now dead. My best and longest time friend… she too is gone from this life. So as I start this reading I hope to reflect as sermons to them as well !!
The day I began this journey of The Seven Sermons I sat at the pool side where son was swimming with his swim team. Two trees about twelve feet tall were before me. I sat comfortably. The noises were overwhelming. Children crying and water splashing as women next to me talked about their problems. I then looked at the two trees. On every branch was a small bird; golden and chirping. Singing together and jumping. Everything else faded away but what I was viewing. I thought to myself,
“How can this be?”
One bird jumped down dancing towards me. Slowly, systematically and very consciously the bird came close to my foot and then turned around back up the tree. I then looked down for a second, thinking to take a picture. When I looked back the trees were empty.
I thought,
“How did so many birds fly away without a movement or sound?”
I now ask a question,
“How can so many die without a movement or sound’?”





Perfect fat blanket of roundness !!

Blogging my block. May 20 2014.


Earth Mother Of Laussel, 25,000 B.C.E.

Blogging my Block…I can do this by the neighbors I watch go by my little computer room. They usually walk fast, jog or gaze into their hand-held devices. The gutters and sidewalks are plentifully watered even though there is a draught here in sunny southern California. My block expands outward as one long drive. The archetypal informed synchronicity motif that reflects back to me today is of mother and babe, or round bellies on woman. My neighborhood block extends via a car traveling over a 45 minute drive and back.

I looked to my right and viewed a mother and her child waiting at a bus stop. They were across three lanes of traffic but we were gazing at each other. The mother, child and I. This archetypal embrace moved me. The child rested and covered her mother’s belly.

I was transported to a small Spanish community. The little girl was smiling at me and I smiled back.

I too remember taking the bus, for years, with oldest son as a child. I miss the rhythm of the bus and the soft talk of travelers. It was good to not take on the stress of competitive driving on California roads and the merging blocks. Now I try to resist the need to compete on the road. Instead I focus my will on the communing of driving.  A type of happy gas, metal, synthetic plastic party of

we are all in this together!!

Next a mile or two later I witness another mother and child in a car behind me. This mother was looking in her rear view mirror. She raised her hands and clapped while singing to her baby in the back car seat. A car engine covered this mother’s belly. Then traffic picked up and everything went to a dash of the fast.

Ten more miles down Nordhoff blvd and I embraced the mother daughter motif again.  Another mother and child waiting at a bus stop. This mother was older and the daughter was a teenager. Their figures were round as a Mother of Willendorf. A 30,000 B.C.E. image thrilled my gaze. In contrast to the women who jog, run and walk fast: these two woman taking the bus projected an ancient symbol of the oldest image we have of humanity and of women. This is good because a flat belly was not the fashion statement back then.

I had a conversation the other day with oldest son about my belly and losing weight. I told him that it is what I feel in my belly that I value. As the “Luminous Pear,” “Sea of vitality,” and the “Pearl of Great Price.” My round belly gives me insight, foresight and warnings.

As my belly grows so do the gifts. Why would I want to get rid of all of my belly gifts? Mine is at a perfect fat blanket of roundness now!!


The archetypal informed synchronicity Pg 68 from Richard Tarnas’s book; Cosmos and Psyche.
“Luminous Pear,” “Sea of vitality,” and the “Pearl of Great Price.” Pg. 14 from Lisa Sarasohn: The Belly book.


Another May Day and so it is the same dance..

449a8307d4706356b918eb26489a0be7(Not mine but a Shared picture)

Pole in the middle of a circle of dancing folks… many bright colors and twirling and stamping feet. This is the May Pole.

It is symbolically showing us the alluring sexual dance of males and females and for the blessings of fruition. Reminds me of the  youngest son and how he is learning about this very subject. He is not shy as I am about those words, the Penis and Virgina or how pollen from flowers is similar to sperm. He is almost clinical about it. The May Pole is not so clinical but very symbolic of this spring day of allergies and romancing and such.

Sometimes life can get repetitious unlike the howling wind this Spring.

  Happy May Day from my garden to you.. a gardenia !!




Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas


I am reading this book now! I found out about it through a WordPress site that I visit called Holes To Heavens by Adam Sommer. Adam has a great site to visit and is an astrologer.
Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas is an amazing book about human consciousness. He takes us on a journey of the humanities and the mind, and patterns of being. Richard Tarnas is a cultural historian and professor of philosophy and depth psychology. The title of his book defines the contents of the chapters. The relationship of us with the cosmos is a fascinating subject to me.
As a Romantic, I recommend this as a must read book, and a book to have available on your favorite bookshelf. It is a delightfully wordy, intense and insightful book that incorporates history, culture and spirituality. I feel I have, so far, grasped the thesis of Richards’s book as:

Above all we must awaken to and overcome the great hidden anthropocentric projection that has virtually defined the modern mind: the pervasive projection of soullessness onto the cosmos by the modern self’s own will to power.( page 41 paragraph two)

Understanding what Richard is telling us is so very important to know.  In our modern time of discord, and at times of hopelessness, we can develop a relationship with our inner world, our outer world and the cosmos in a new and creative way. In his book we find some old friends, the foresight of Blake, Jung and Goethe resonate in his book as affirmations of a new and hopeful world.

Synchronicity is like breathing…as above so below!!


Holes To Heavens


American black and white shorthair

You cannot imagine the kindness I’ve received at the hands of perfect strangers.
W. Somerset Maugham

Our Kitty Flash

Our Kitty Flash

Karma, synchronicity and continuity speak to me, along with the freedom of the heart that is sometimes rascelulion in nature, and this all points to something beyond us. It can be personified in the many words of religion, science or art, yet it is only personifications which point to something beyond the personifications. Energy, movement, knowing and grace; help, letting go and responsibility are the showing ways or actions of Karma. These are the ways to know karma or dharma; to see or sniff them out is something bound by cause and effect.

Last night I had a difficult decision to make. My heart said one thing and my mind another. My back ached with stress because I knew I had to let go, or not act on something. This is not comfortable territory for me. I have the sin of codependency. I have read all the books and have learned that sometimes doing nothing is the best thing we can do for another.  I did nothing. Today Karma, synchronicity and continuity spoke to me. As Mr. Myyoki, a religious studies professor, Buddhist priest and Jungian theorist, said to me in class, “don’t take on someone elses Karma.” I can take on my own.

Albertsons went out of business. I now shop at Ralphs. I went shopping without any bags and was given two simple brown bags filled with groceries. Today I went to another store, and today I remembered to take out my many-colored shopping bags for groceries, even the two simple brown paper bags. At the checkout line I consciously looked at the two bags and said,

“I will put these aside.”

When putting the groceries in the back of the car I again looked at the bags and thought,

“I will put these two brown paper bags aside.”

I was driving home on Roscoe Blvd. ,driving over the bridge that goes over the drainage ditch, and saw a cat. The cat had been ran over and was dead in the middle of the street. As I passed by I noticed that the cat looked just like one of my cats. I was miles away from home. I turned around and parked in the middle of a four lane street. A strong image came to mind of the two simple brown paper bags. I ran out and stopped the heavy traffic. I pulled the cat to safety by the tail. I opened the back of the car and pulled out the bags. I slowly put the cat in one bag and then covered the deceased animal by the other bag, While doing this a man pulled up in his car and parked.

He was a middle ages african american who was dressed casually. He spoke with kindness and with clear words. He had a cell phone and called the proper authorities to take care of the cat. He stopped traffic for me, and then we placed the cat across the street near the base of the bridge and told the authorities where the American black and white shorthair was. We said a prayer and held hands and walked back to our cars.

Two strange people and a dead cat In the middle of the city surrounded by heavy traffic, what is the probability of this?

We both made the right decisions today. Some person somewhere is going to have a nightmare.;  about a cat they ran over tonight, a hit and run.

‘You gave me some faith today, I needed it. Thank you for your help!” I said.

“You gracefully took the cat and cared for him, thank you. You have given me some faith in humanity!” Said the man.

My decision to let go was the right one. My decision to take action and help a cat was a right decision too. These are examples of karma, synchronicity and continuity. When I got home I hugged my kitties until they pushed me away with their paws. We cannot control our life completely. Death will come when it will.  But when we find kindness in strange places with srangers, this is karma, synchronicity and continuity working at it’s best. It does not end here either !!

To Robert the nice man.


Vase Of Pink Lilies


Driving down Mason

Saturn is smooth

The clouds above

The sun rays through the trees

As if playing this song

Dancing light and shadow instrument

All the intervals perfectly synched

With the sounds from my car radio…

It all synchronized

It united in a few moments

I almost burst with joy…

Day five of the Holy Days of Christmas…

Today is ruled by the Hierarchy of Leo. I think upon Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia as the perfect symbol of this type of love, compassion and loudness.


“Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,
At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,
When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.”
― C.S. LewisThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

LOVE is the fulfilling of the law ~ Romans 13:10 

Think how paradoxical this seems in our world ?

The first day of the Twelve Holy Days

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
― William James

I awoke this morning with good feelings and hope in my heart. Son was asleep on the couch. I did my usual chores of the morning. I even lit the fire in our hearth. Was it the cool wind that inspired a book-friend to my mind? I opened the closet that holds dearly those books. Corinne Heline came to mind and that this was the first day and night of the Holy of Holies. The 12 days of Christmas. My religiosity is not bound to only the Christian story, yet it is dear to my heart and I feel the need to be part of it now.

As memories of importance hold my hand, I feel fresh and clean and inspired: the opposite of Christmas day. You see the last few years I have lost Mother, father and best friends. My siblings and I are selling the only enduring family home I have known. I was born and raised there. I feel as it my roots have been cut off. It is a sad but freeing experience. I am not alone in my experience. As an esoteric student and an academic student of religious studies I have come to the conclusion that all religions are based on vision, oral stories and then the text. For me as, William James, it is the experience that is the key to understanding the profound religious experience. Even if it is only the witnessing of the procession of the sun, moon, and the stars.

Though I have walked and studied with the scientific and even atheistic mind. I rest best with the spiritual creative mind instead. The Christian theologian and philosopher Pseudo Dionysius calls this Dionysianism, “The divination of the intelligence.”

Join me if you will or curse me. I have done both myself. I have been to the darkest parts of the mind and I have witnessed and experienced the best of the mind and profound things.

Each of the 12 days will focus on a part of the human body. An astrological sign, a quote and then a disciple/ apostle of Christ. I will include images as well. Whatever I am inspired to post. The motif will unfold naturally as the days unfold.

“You must henceforth be the moon. You must shine at night. By your shining you shall lighten the darkness for men until the sun rises again to light up all things for men” ~ Pg. 40 The Creative Pattern In Primitive Africa by Laurens van der Post.

December 26 2013

Esoterically speaking and based on the New Age Bible Interpretation Mystery Of The Christos by Corinne Heline. Vol. VII, the first day of the Holy of Holies focuses on the head of our physical body. The astrological sign is Aries.



Follow Your own star!
Dante Alighieri

“According to all sacred calendars Aries introduces the solar New Year. Therefore it is termed the sign of resurrected consciousness.” Pg. 9

Quote: Behold I make all things new. Rev. 21:5

James the Disciple of Christ.