Intelligent life forms

Nature & humanity intelligence By Hudley

Somatic Sophia

“I have become so dense, so filled with information and thoughts and expectations, the natural world has a difficult time finding a way in.” ~ Pg 154 The Body and Movement In Analysis ~ Cedrus Monte

While cleaning the garage out I focused on a perfect dandelion outside the house and a perfect circuit board in the garage.. .

The round and broken up circle of a soft white puff is a three dimensions wonder of nature.

The circuit board is a city with large buildings and water towers flowing electricity giving life to a computer.

The similarities and the differences.

Both revealing their existence before my eyes.

I was thinking about the diversity and reasons for a dandelion or a circuit board;

how the two fit in this world,

how humanity fits in the world.

how I am influenced by both.

hands and mind of nature… a mystery,

hands and mind of humanity… still a mystery.

I can unite them in myself with art.

By way of a computer, my mind and hands…

Teaching Nature politics

At the museum
Youngest son at the Museum

Today I awoke with a lecture on my tongue. The kids are home on winter break. I am experiencing my normal winter blues. What came to mind was something a profession said to me years ago,

“Don’t take on someones else’s karma.”

He is a Jungian therapist and Buddhist priest. This is the basis of my lecture I gave to the kids today, including the cats. The normal stuff was happening in the house. Cats and fish were moving around in their environment, Oldest son is making breakfast. The sounds of sneezing attack the air. An open door to the outside garden brings in the sounds of a cold day. Even the squirrels perched on their branches outside are listening. They tease the cats. The light and the shadow moves the trees as the breeze tickles mysteriously by.

We are all light and shadow.

Imagine all of these qualities of life.

Apply them to everyone you know.

People cry. People smile.

We often have to stand up for what we think is right


We need to see the good things that are here.

Right now.

We all face love and death.

Pain and pleasure comes to visit often.

Most importantly I have learned,…

we need to step away and let others experience their own karma.

The kids are joking, musing, talking and listening… I think?  My kids always to me…but to the world…are now young men.

“Life is too short…” I’ll find myself some wings!”

Mantis Pledge

“However the psychology of the individual corresponded to the psychology of the nation, and only the transformation of the attitude of the individual could bring about cultural renewal”  ~ Jung

Getting older makes time faster. Cars seem to race around the neighborhood faster. Red fire trucks, and alarms ringing, race faster. Around and around as I look at my youth trying to look outwards away, instead! To new things as centripetal force pulls me into the middle. Reflect, reflect and reflect painfully. Sucked into the layers of faces, words and feelings.

Wings extend out in moments of inspiration. Doing art is sharing; is support. I fly. I read that it is not until you show your art that it is complete. A finished piece of art has to be viewed.

No time for the past and youthful dreams. Now the future moves faster and inspiration to share parallels this reality. In my world, in my neighborhood, in my city, state, nation, and earth… the cosmos even!!

I fly with inspiration.

Yet contrary to this is the middle….Slow down perching as wings begin to fold inward. Time to view feelings and think quality of time with each heartbeat.



Hard earth asphalt !

I hate humanity sometimes so much! This fellow died at 7:56 this morning! The car that hit it and just left it …I spit on!! I covered the squirrel with leaves! Then a man, who lived in the front house, and I put the wild thing in a bag!! This little creature’s blood sacrificed on the earth!! Hard earth asphalt !
Photo by Hudley of little wild thing…. oh sweet little thing!!

Should we harden our hearts like the machines we drive? These technological moving machines or god like exoskeletons? Don’t ask me why these little fellows play doge-car every morning? We all see them. Little wild animals that don’t matter much. Oh but they do!

Take fucking time to see them and fucking slow down please!

I wish I die such a noble and brutal death. My head ran over, blood squirting everywhere and unable to move…so once more death will come. To the group spirit of squirrels, to the continuity of life that goes on with your family tree: I saw you. I see you and wild as you are…you bless us. Humanity needs your blessings cause we are heartless and cold like our fucking machines!!

This little creature’s blood sacrificed on the earth for us!!



Pollinate my purple anarchy flowers !

Towards late summer, the queen will start to produce drones and young queens.  The young queens are fertilized by the drones, then fly off to hibernate.  Hibernation usually takes place in dry protected areas such as loose bark.  The colony’s remaining drones and workers stay in the colony and die during the winter season.  The young queens start new colonies in the spring of the year.  As mentioned above, bumble bees do not use the same nest though they may nest in an area close by to the original bee nest.

I find it interesting that our military scientific community  calls robotic spying war machines “drones.” Especially in reference to Queen Bumble Bees. The different of course being that the drone of a Bumble Bee bee nest is the means of new Queen Bumble Bees and the robotic spying war machine is the most diabolical, sinister and sick thing humanity has ever created.

How many years have i looked out my computer window and watched the Bumble Bee pollinate my purple anarchy flowers?  Many indeed. She is a master and true creator, artist and sustainer of life. Of course not using pesticides, weed killers or the chemicals that are a fucking awful mockery of life;  let this glorious spring Queen have her way in my garden. Her bee nest is safe here with me for now!!!

I bow to you… sweet and glorious Bumble Bee!

To the Bumble Bee Drones…


Where their loyalties lie


The mind is designed to lie. The heart has a mind of its own and when you put the mind and heart together strange things can happen… but then there is the sex organ mind that has a power pull of its own too. Then there is the conscience mind that an episode of X-files defines as:

“Conscience is dead people whispering to us.”

The dead may see things and know truths that we alive humans can’t understand.  Not just the dead but nature and characters such as Jiminy Cricket and billions of crickets chirping every night help us with our conscience mind. Why?  Maybe because we should not be telling lies!! It is an impossible situation. Listening to crickets chirp at night for about 15 minutes can help us to become more aware. The overwhelming gravity of constant sex calls throughout the night can force our thinking inward.  Helping us to feel regret about some of the lies we told that day. Maybe there is something to those old fairy tales after all. Who wants their nose to grow every time they tell a lie?

Some well-seasoned anxiety sprinkled on top.

Then there is the gut. We all have the ability to feel that gut feeling. Do we listen to it? I have a fine tuned gut, well not physically but intuitively. I know when something is not right by listening to it. I know when I hear a lie. It feels like chaos and looks like the fog with some well-seasoned anxiety sprinkled on top.

I prefer following my gut.

Lies are not all bad. We have all told them to protect people we love. Here comes Santa Claus, There Goes Peter Cottontail and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas are humongous subtle lies some of us tell our children.  (Even though I still believe in them personally.)

The lies that really hurt us, others or the world in general are the big lies that suppress us as a people. Governments, corporations and organized religion are good at these types of big black widow lies. These are the kind of lies our government told to our American Indian brothers and sisters .

The throwing in the wrench lie.

Then to conclude this little essay I will speak about the throwing in the wrench lie. It is when you tell a lie in order to see how gossip spreads. This is a fun one to practice. This is what gangsters do in order to find out where their loyalties lie. I have done this a couple of times to see where my loyalties abide but I prefer following my gut. It never lies!!

G.B.H RULE 30 years!!!

Mantis’s August rendezvous

Big Ma Ma golden Mantis is my love of nature and she knows me!!

Big Ma Ma golden Mantis is my love for nature and she knows me!!

August is slow and not one praying mantis have come to visit me; every August I wait for Big Ma Ma golden Mantis to come visit me after laying her egg sack. (This is in case you don’t already know this… dear reader).

“Goodbye until we meet again in Spring…sweet autumn is near.”  Is what she always seems to tell me.

Today the outside sewer drainage pipe ran over and the bowels of hell came forth. I rolled up my pants and got to work cleaning. The rubber pipe outside is under the Praying Mantis tree with purple flowers. I called Mr. Faucetman to drill the sewer line. I don’t think Lance is going to fit under this tree. So after shoveling, digging and cleaning, I trimmed the tree back. I was very careful to look for any praying mantis. I also went to Home Depot to get some tree truck mulch to put around the pipe and two trees close by; covering anything left and to also cover some tree roots. I like how it gives my front yard a manicured, earthy and fresh look.

I then looked down and my heart skipped a beat because I saw her on a small ash tree weed. I showed her my hand and she slowly approached and walked up on it. Then I put her up on a solid branch from her tree….she was so close to her place that I had recently disturbed.

She posed and looked my way.


Federal Government…


I know this will not be a popular post… and frankly I don’t care… but I will stick with Thomas Paine on this topic… “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”   Until people govern from within they need be governed from without…the desire of greed for power is what corrupts us… the governmental focus needs to be the service and maintenance of the land,  but we live in a fear based society.  The GOP …sigh… is using propaganda like the bowels of hell… step back don’t get pulled into it…xx I have no secrets …I have, at the most, 30 years left on this earth… I don’t have a cell phone…I am not a terrorist… I am not involved with human-trafficking nor am I a pedophile… I sure want the FEDS to find those who are… we need student loans and money for the terrible damage caused by tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes… it isn’t perfect but it is better than the alternative… “So it Goes” U.S. Federal Government — Learn about the U.S. government’s executive, judicial, and legislative branches, and their specific functions.

There is magic in all gardens….Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

One with a shadow of a tree in my garden.
One with a shadow of a tree in my garden.

Our little Sony Cyber-Shot camera takes amazing pictures. This camera was a christmas present to my son from his grandmother. My son and I both use it. It is our creative friend.

The image is of a human shadow that is “one” with a tree nymph of a cypress tree in a garden.  Two shadows merge together as one. It you study the image you will notice aspects of the tree shadow blending with the  human shadow. A hand and thumb extend out from the cypress. The human is slightly bent to right with a hidden shadowy tree nymph. There is magic in this garden.

Look to the background: look towards the shadowy places in your garden.. and you will find the nature spirits there.