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She’s not there.


If she laid her egg sack, which she most likely has, I have not seen her. Every year she comes and I paint her image, or take her picture. From the pool mesh fence I take her and let her crawl over my shoulders. This year only she indirectly shows herself. A floating exoskeleton on top of clear pool water, or images from friends. Her Praying Mantis tree with the beautiful purple anarchy flowers are as a waterfall and arbor waiting for her return. She will be golden green, large and graceful now. She facing death. I wear her tattoo on my left wrist. The purple anarchy flower. Last night at a local club again she told me that I was at the right time and place. I was meant to be here, even though she was not. The leather jacket with silver studs addressed me. The young man stood in front of me. There splashed upon his back, drawn and painted, is her anarchy flower. Holding up my wrist I knew it to be true. I tapped the young tall man on the shoulder and showed him the image. He acknowledged it and the music blew through and around us. The longitude and latitude the continuity of life. It was all meant to be, I was where I was meant to be…. but she was not there.


Big Boots and Dancing

In this picture X-8 represents the original punks of Los Angeles. Who were creative, loud and in your face! I fell into the scene later at this time as Hud and then of course Flipside Fanzine went on for 20 years with Al.

Pete woke up on the Chinese New Year looking out of the hotel room window while a chicken’s head was chopped off. Right across the street at a restaurant/ café. Big boots and dancing…it be a trilling time for me.

This is one of my favorite images. I have posted it a few times before. It contains a lineage of Flipside Fanzine characters who worked on issues. It has an interesting foresight to It.; from left to right is X-8, Hud and Al. The picture is taken by Peter Landswick. All four of us worked on Flipside together at an interesting time in the world of Punk Rock. It was before the Orange County scene exploded as well as the new generation of punk English bands. The early Los Angeles punks were much more silent now. X was going for a major label. The Go Go’s, The Bags and Fear were kind of changing their places and goals. The original punk scene of LA was dying and a new one was forming.

I like the texture and graphic perspective of this image. Pete is a wonderful photographer. This picture was taken at an alley in San Francisco when we were tagging the underground mod scene. The Specials and Madness were still unknown and as wild as any youthful band. I think it is the best time of crazy characters and wild, free adventures.

I was reading Generation X and trying to find Prince Buster 45s.



Darrel and John


Yin & Yang pendant from Darrel and John modeled by Flash the cat.

Santa Cruz California has beaches for surfing and a Boardwalk to walk on the wild side. The University of Santa Cruz sits on a hill above this once hippie and murder capital of central California. A beach town where beach meets music at the Catalyst Club. Pubs, donut shops and pizza parlors mark their territory too.

!991, you might find us early mornings at Farrell’s Donuts and in the evening we hung at the seedy pub, known to the locals, as the Poet and Patriot. Powering down a Greece Lighting, made up of Guinness and Anchor Steam, got the night off for a rogue conversation with the local Thunderbird or a game of cheating darts. Bob and Zachery made the time enjoyable and even broke up fights… the successful job of the best of the best toxicologists!!

Darrel and John were big men. The chairs they sat in at the counter every morning, showed the wear and tear below. The owner of Farrell’s Donuts told John that he was going to make him pay for it. Darrel had a beard and long hair while John, his younger brother,  just had long hair. They were misfits, rebels and they liked us and often they would service up our coffee and say,

“Service with a smile;”

Taking waitress Linda’s job not too seriously. They were characters. Darrel and John had a big pickup truck with a camper. They collected stuff from the local dump, ya know the stuff nice people throw away and these two recycled it. They were reformed hippies but that didn’t make any difference. When we moved into our little one bedroom home they supplied us with some good furniture. One of the big chairs we kept with us for eighteen years.

After we got our new home all fixed up we invited Darrel and John over for dinner of BBQ steak and home-made chili. We lounged like Romans and Darrel’s belly was so round that when he sat down he put the chili bowl right on top of his belly. He ate his chili down.

Once in the early morning in Farrell’s Donuts parking lot I saw Darrel sleeping in his truck. So slowly I snuck up to him. I reached my hand slowly to tickle his beard when he griped my hand. I screamed. He looked at me and yelled,

“Don’t ever sneak up on a man sleeping in his truck. I might have broken your hand clean off!”


Babies of 1992 and Alumni . Santa Cruz Sentinel

Our first baby was born in Santa Cruz. Darrel and John surprised us and entered the picture in the local newspaper. Now that is dear friendship. When Darrel passed away from a massive heart attack he was just in his forties. He was cremated and at his demise party they put his ashes next to a picture of him; as big and as mighty as the tree in their yard. Many of his friends showed up that day. They were drinking and smoking all sorts of funny things. Darrel was one of those kinds of dudes that warms your heart just thinking of him.

It doesn’t seem like 22 years ago when Santa Cruz was our home, a town of characters and friends.


Happy 22nd Birthday JF !!





‘De trop’, no way !!


KAREN: I guess at this point I am what the French call ‘de trop?’

BILL (smiles) Maybe just a little around the edges.

~ All About Eve,

Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will sound like it is from Neptune. ~ Noam Chomsky

The sciences are a good thing. Rover on Mars looking back at the Earth is amazing. Yet reading Dante Alighieri’s biography I find that he studied liberal arts courses, “Which offered Latin, geometry, arithmetic, astronomy (actually astrology) and music was to be passionately attached all his life.” Pg. 11

During the Middle Ages science, art and music were not separate as they are today. With astrology, the planets affect us. Now I wonder how our Earth affects those on Mars or the other planets in our solar system? My point being is that science is a very bare bones reality where all its theories are well supported, at least enough to go to other planets via technology.

I feel what makes Dante so special to me is that he is the perfect person who, at one time, brought together science, art, and music.  He is the perfected human being who shows us that having a soul is part of the human equation of being, and with an honest spirit humanity inspires to know all the stratosphere of human nature. We are accountable for ourselves in a divine way. A highly creative solution to the problem of humanity!!! Humor included as Mr. Dante is no fool on this matter!!

Oldest son is just starting a physics course today at the local university. We often debate what is real and what is illusion, as two Gemini our Mercury fires up with heated dialogue.

And then there is Neptune. I love Neptune, the color and mystery of its round luminosity. I hear this week Mercury goes retrograde right into the belly of Neptune, astrologically speaking of course. The week ahead is a time to feel. As Luna waxes strong into Valentine’s Day, it is a time of a kind of inner pregnancy of feelings; it may be a delightful time if we do not anally analyze too much.

I have decided to do the tango with Mercury, Luna, and Neptune this week…a threesome may be fun!! I will go with the flow, dance sweet and low and get it on the go.

Until next time … fin

The Life & Times of Dante by Curtis International / Portraits of Greatness.

All about Eve  http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/all_about_eve.html


A little tango with George Raft !!

Double Arrogant Bastard with Santa…


‘Twas the fucking night

Before a fucking glorious and righteous holiday…

And all through the fucking dump

Not a fucking creature was fucking stirring

Not even a fucking rat…

The cigarette butts lined up with no care

In hopes that his fucking lighter

Would instantly light the butts there…

Squatting in a cardboard fucking box

Cozy and warm…


What to his fucking ears

Did he hear?

But a sound of a drunken Santa

Walking down his alley

With a couple of glass-tinkling beers…

“Hey Santa could your spare

This old fucking punk a drink?”

“Yes sir I’ve two left…”

SO they stood in the alley

Fucking Santa wobbling a lot

Mr. Fuck laughing

The beers he fucking drank up…

Then he put Santa in a Taxi

Sending him home to his fucking Penthouse apartment …

Waving good-bye out the back taxi window… Santa yelled,

“Fucking merry glorious and righteous holiday to all!!!

Bitchin’ and out-of-sight!!



45 degree persuasion

mushy carrot 2 pi

“In this piece, she applies skillfully to a situation that seems born to contain it her signature piece of understanding by taking the reader on a journey of attitudes-from lofty remove to guarded self-deception to reluctant admission-that disentangles a knot of emotion as familiar as the back of any age-spotted hand.” Pg. 42  The Situation and the Story by Vivian Gornick

When I go to the local pub it is to relax, listen to some tunes and talk a little with friends. I always have room to meet new ones, regardless of their age, religiosity, political persuasion or weight.  At the ripe old age of 55 I know for a fact that no fucking body is perfect!!! I do not insult others or try to make them feel bad about themselves.  I do react to negative comments about me or my friends from others. I know the difference between humor, sarcasm or intolerance. I do not try to effect a change in the angle of a guy’s carrot. I am not interested in inspiring a 45 degree angle. Sexual geometry is not my thing. When I hear comments whispered behind my back like;

“Who is the old building with funky clothes? “

I feel the discrimination of ageiem and sexism. I don’t forget these comments and who they came from.

One guy had the guts to ask me,

“Shouldn’t you be home baking cookies?”

So what kind of images does this bring up for you? I was deeply enraged by this and almost punched him in the nose…but was honestly feeling good so I turned it back on him with humor. I then let him know that in the past I would have attacked him and knocked him down….

“Ha Ha…”

My father and a brother were mean like this, and I have had to deal with this type of sexism and intolerance. They would go into a Trader Joes and would verbally judge women.

“Oh she is a fat ass…etc.”

Letting women hear if ever so subtlety. I always have been a confrontational child and would let them know what asses they were. As if the whole female population is based on how fuckable they are to them.

So the other night I was having a great time with friends at the local pub. I feel safe and respected there most of the time. Yet, the shadow punched off me with a nasty derogatory statement about my age as I was leaving the pub.

“Goodbye Grandma.”

Yes I heard it. I guess I was not inspiring the 45 degree angle like the youngster female behind the bar. That is ok that is why they hire them young. Unconsciously the stupid young man will buy more beer; maybe sales are down and they need the 45 degree persuasion to sell more beers.

I am a good friend to have regardless of my age. I like to be called a crone because I am an older woman. If you take the time to look past all the things that don’t make me fuckable or all the things you discriminate against, I have some interesting stories to share about life; antidotes that may help out a youngster like you.  Yet, if you are anything like my Dad and brother, watch out cause I will be on your case. I will find you and the next time that angle will be a mushy carrot 2 pi !!

Where their loyalties lie


The mind is designed to lie. The heart has a mind of its own and when you put the mind and heart together strange things can happen… but then there is the sex organ mind that has a power pull of its own too. Then there is the conscience mind that an episode of X-files defines as:

“Conscience is dead people whispering to us.”

The dead may see things and know truths that we alive humans can’t understand.  Not just the dead but nature and characters such as Jiminy Cricket and billions of crickets chirping every night help us with our conscience mind. Why?  Maybe because we should not be telling lies!! It is an impossible situation. Listening to crickets chirp at night for about 15 minutes can help us to become more aware. The overwhelming gravity of constant sex calls throughout the night can force our thinking inward.  Helping us to feel regret about some of the lies we told that day. Maybe there is something to those old fairy tales after all. Who wants their nose to grow every time they tell a lie?

Some well-seasoned anxiety sprinkled on top.

Then there is the gut. We all have the ability to feel that gut feeling. Do we listen to it? I have a fine tuned gut, well not physically but intuitively. I know when something is not right by listening to it. I know when I hear a lie. It feels like chaos and looks like the fog with some well-seasoned anxiety sprinkled on top.

I prefer following my gut.

Lies are not all bad. We have all told them to protect people we love. Here comes Santa Claus, There Goes Peter Cottontail and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas are humongous subtle lies some of us tell our children.  (Even though I still believe in them personally.)

The lies that really hurt us, others or the world in general are the big lies that suppress us as a people. Governments, corporations and organized religion are good at these types of big black widow lies. These are the kind of lies our government told to our American Indian brothers and sisters .

The throwing in the wrench lie.

Then to conclude this little essay I will speak about the throwing in the wrench lie. It is when you tell a lie in order to see how gossip spreads. This is a fun one to practice. This is what gangsters do in order to find out where their loyalties lie. I have done this a couple of times to see where my loyalties abide but I prefer following my gut. It never lies!!


G.B.H RULE 30 years!!!

Federal Government…


I know this will not be a popular post… and frankly I don’t care… but I will stick with Thomas Paine on this topic… “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”   Until people govern from within they need be governed from without…the desire of greed for power is what corrupts us… the governmental focus needs to be the service and maintenance of the land,  but we live in a fear based society.  The GOP …sigh… is using propaganda like the bowels of hell… step back don’t get pulled into it…xx I have no secrets …I have, at the most, 30 years left on this earth… I don’t have a cell phone…I am not a terrorist… I am not involved with human-trafficking nor am I a pedophile… I sure want the FEDS to find those who are… we need student loans and money for the terrible damage caused by tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes… it isn’t perfect but it is better than the alternative… “So it Goes”

USA.gov: U.S. Federal Government — Learn about the U.S. government’s executive, judicial, and legislative branches, and their specific functions.


Daily Prompt: Goals: express myself as others do!!


I shall keep moving forward no matter what the gossip, criticism or silence…

The above image is of a written interview I did some years ago with Coagula Art Journal. I am a resurrected personality from days gone by. I felt the need to remember those days and share them. So I went to places where I use to express myself, which are… fanzines.  Mat Gleason, The creator of Coagula Art Journal, is an old-time buddy of mine. He promotes and educates his community about art, which is beyond my expertise. Yet,  Mat was willing to humor me by publishing this little introduction of my dream to awaken people to the long-lost days of late 70s and the 80s punk rock culture. Hark Hark… wait a minute. As the ghostly fog cleared over the next few years I witnessed that the world remembers. Punk nostalgia has since overwhelmed me, as the old days use to. My goal was to remember, write and express myself.  Yes this is achieved !!!

In “My Press”,  located here on my WordPress site, I show the journey I have taken to get the word out. I have been interviewed by individuals that I respect, and to my amazement, respect me back: enough to interview me about my days as a co-editor and publisher of Flipside Fanzine.

As an introverted Gemini I then made my connection with MySpace, Facebook and other online business and social networks. Anytime I feel myself ‘sinking in the quicksand’ of another person’s manipulation or control: working for them over working for myself. I pull myself away.  I have painfully earned my individuation and need to vibrate this to the world on my own terms. I am gentle too!!

My goal is to create a place to publish what I wish to share.

I’m thrilled finding WordPress and to see the vast ocean of others who are doing the same thing as I which is writing and sharing their stories!!

“This is it” I thought.

It has been over a year now.

I am creating a wonderful promotional page on WordPress.  I share my stories by writing about what interests me. Quality over quantity is my ambition. I still have many goals… but I am on the right independent path. I shall keep moving forward no matter what the gossip, criticism or silence…

The Seminary Of Praying Mantis is my achieved goal.  It is natural for a crone woman to sit back, reflect and remember and tell her tales and adventures… there are always a couple of people interested… or maybe just my cats, or the muses that echo back on this oracle called computer.

An average person with average talents and ambition and

average education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society,

if that person has clear, focused goals. ~ Mary Kay Ash



Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti


“Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself – that is my doctrine.”
Thomas Paine, The Age Of Reason

Today is the day to vote for mayor of Los Angeles.

I am going to vote by not voting:

not because I am dumb

or  because there are problems, such as

redistricting issues or minority relocation issues.

I think the whole political machine

of running for office lacks integrity.

The media sucks money from the campaign machine.

I am voting by not voting because it lacks dignity.

I don’t care if the fist Jew or first Woman may be our new mayor.

I wish one politician would run a campaign with integrity.

promotional and media dust blowing machines

lacks integrity it sucks royally

This is why I am not voting today.