Second Winter Wonderland Poem, Saturn and Chiron and Beyond

Astronomical, astrological, metaphysical ~ trinity.  Saturn: Time, Philyra: Form and Chiron: Solar egg sack.

It seems that people
are talking about…

Saturn on steroids
since ascending
to the high land of his home.
As Capricorn alerts the master !

Chiron to take  on the power
A healing of this shadowy world …
much more beyond our knowing.

I am not worried
because of my years of
friendship with Saturn and Chiron

Education and evaluation
I am stimulated with wonder and energy.

Keeping myself grounded
becoming impassioned  with life.

Philyra or Phillyra (/ˈfɪlərə/: Ancient Greek: Φιλύρα means “linden-tree“) is the name of three distinct characters in Greek mythology. Philyra, an Oceanid and mother by Cronus of Chiron. Philyra, one of the names given to the wife of Nauplius, who was the father of Palamedes, Oiax and Nausimedon.


By Hudley

Posted on November 23, 2017

To all the wild things that know us

When we walk in their fields

Or on their hills!

A day of thanksgiving

A history of the land

A call from the wild…

As I meditate upon

The four directions

Of the medicine wheel…

My comrades and allies,

Coyote surprised me with a story

One that brought happy tears

To my eyes…

Coyote said,

“I have known you longer

Before you came to this

Native song of life…

I knew you as a child

I smelled you in the weeds

As you fell and rolled

Down tall green grass

as a laughing youth…

I knew your favorite trees

you expertly climbed

I rested near the rocky hills

where you dreamed

Reflecting thin white crystals…

I knew the places where you rode

on a white horse

The rugged trails you blazed

through the large sage mountains

That rolled with scented fennel

to the sound of the sea…

At night you heard us singing

I called to you

I scared you

I woke you up

with a screaming ascending yelp


Sharing the mysteries of life…

One-night years ago

I walked right next

to the car door of

The man you would marry

I sized him up…

He remembers!

Now the story is clear

I have known you

longer then you

have known of me…

I also sang this story

to the visiting raccoons

remembering you now

as a wild friend

I told them our story

The nature of a lifelong song…”

Autumn Magic poem six

Think upon the seals’ barking
Only then will you see them
Sharing their magic…
The cool of the fog,
The foam from a wave
Coffee in a cup.

Old-school arcade
Ticket from a master psychic in a booth,
Walking, talking, and smiling…
Driving, feeling, all together
Tunnels and dark canyons.

The Mermaids are singing
The universe is glowing…
The marina is full
Halloween flags
And gibbous moon.

Autumn Magic poem five

Wind stopped

cave is dark

no movement

“Blake’s” worm.

Dreams from last night

still light feelings

“If we keep the healing temple open,

the people will come?”

A faint glimmer

candy corn desire

baked potatoes,

ham and tomatoes

salt and pepper

holy dill…

Magic inverted

deep turn


Autumn Magic poem three

Peek Peek.

Weep weep

Steamy and weak

Tired from lack of

Sleep sleep.

Saturn and Pluto

Are not being meek

One talks of noble

The other of

Love love.

Tensions increase

While I melt into

Chores, habits and good

Food food.

Letting go of expectations

Putting on a beautiful robe

Challenging a dark

Mood mood.

Magic is gravitating 

away from the past

Weep weep

Sweep sweep.

Autumn Magic poem one


Autumn Magic poem one

Orpheus and his willow branch
Comes to mind this morning
The wind is blowing
Softly through the trees,
After a summer of hot
And silences,
Magic is here with me.

The Pleiades are Nyx’s
radiant and precious jewels
Last night they ascended
Toward the mid-heaven,
I mediated on diamonds of brilliance,
Magic is here with me.

My evening walk I witnessed
Due south a falling star
A moment of my life,
Awareness everywhere,
The cosmos continuously impregnates the earth
A flash of lightened love,
Magic is here with me!






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The Seminary of Praying Mantis Grace

The nakedness of woman is the work of God.

~William Blake


A Grace for your pleasure, she is one of three that inspires the Muses of the arts…

Ode to the Verdugo Mountains

February 26 2023

Ode to the Verdugo Mountains

By Hudley Flipside

In the early morning

there is nothing like driving east

on Sherman Way in the San Fernando Valley.

Not too many drivers

on the road

the view of the Verdugo mountains

are straight ahead.

The Verdugo shine with a blue gray hue

recalling my youthful wild days.

The street is lined

with dark green pepper trees

blocks of brilliant yellow mustard greens

freely enhanced with

miles of tall brown, yellow wheat weeds.

What is left of a wild valley?

It is a cool windy day

the will-o’-the-wisp

goes around and round.

Made up of different colored leaves

memories that stir within me.

Coolness on clothes

distance of windy gray sky

maybe rain will fall

onto the concert of

the Los Angeles River

parallel to

the Verdugo Mountains.

Prehistoric blue gray mountain range

wild dew memories

inspire feelings

I am getting younger

not older.

We can free Prometheus…ourselves !!


Prometheus Unbound, man is defined as “one harmonious soul of many a soul, whose nature is its own divine control.”~ The Selected Poetry and Prose of Shelley edited, with introduction, by Carlos Baker.

“… Poetry strengthens the faculty which is the organ of the moral nature of man [imagination] in the same manner as exercise strengthens a limb.” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

“The secret of morals,” says the essayist, “Is love; or a going out of our own nature, and an identification of ourselves with the beautiful which exists in thought, action, or person, not our own. A man, to be greatly good, must imagine intensely and comprehensively…The great instrument of moral good is the imagination: and poetry administers to the effect [ moral good] by acting upon the cause [imagination].’ Poetry enlarges the circumstance of the imagination by replenishing it with thoughts of ever new delight, which have the power of attracting and assimilating to their own nature all other thought.” ~ Shelley

Promethean Fennel poem by Hudley